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Saturday, September 27, 2014

ARC Review: Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander

Full Disclosure is the second book in the Nice Guys series by Kindle Alexander, and is Mitch and Cody's story. Mitch is introduced in the first book, Double Full, and while this book could be read as a standalone I would highly recommend starting at the beginning of this series. There are events that happen in the first book that affect what happens in Full Disclosure and it is best to read these in order. Plus Double Full is fantastic and you do not want to miss out on Colt and Jace's story.

Looking to blow off some steam while on assignment in Dallas, Mitch heads to a local club with his friends Colt and Jace. There he meets a sexy stranger and instantly feels drawn to him. At first the Texas State Trooper Cody makes no effort to give in to what Mitch wants from him, but soon he is unable to deny the attractions between them. Cody is dedicated to his career and the last thing he needs is a distraction, but when Mitch continues to pursue him he can't help but give in to his growing feeling for Mitch. Mitch will do whatever it takes to make Cody his, but with his case suddenly picking up things won't be easy. As Mitch must balance the case and his private life, he also must convince Cody that he is worth taking a chance on. But when things suddenly get personal with the case, can Cody and Mitch make it through together?

Oh how I love Mitch! I loved him in Double Full, and he was even better in Full Disclosure. He is sexy and funny, and I just love everything about his personality. He is so comfortable in his skin and has no problem being exactly who he is regardless of if it makes others uncomfortable. I love that he was able to put himself out there with Cody, and really go after what he wanted. He never gave up on Cody, even when things weren't easy at first. Cody was not afraid to be who he was, but he was quite a bit more reserved than Mitch. Whereas Mitch would do anything to get a reaction out of others, Cody tended to be more of the strong and silent type. I loved how different these two were, and I think that is part of why they worked so well together. They completed one another in a way that no one else did, and it was clear that these two belonged together. They also were amazingly hot together, and you could feel the steam and chemistry between them.

I love how Kindle Alexander is always able to fill their books with the hottest action around, but yet also able to deliver such emotional stories. Their books never fail to deliver, and I am always left feeling completely satisfied with the ending and yet wanting more. I cannot recommend Kindle's books enough, and if you are looking for a sexy male/male story that delivers the total package you should definitely check out their books. I honestly go into each book of Kindle's thinking that I have a solid favorite, and then the new book goes and blows me away. It just isn't possible to pick a favorite because I genuinely love them all. I was so excited to get to know Mitch better and meet Cody, but I also really loved getting to see more of Jace and Colt. I already can't wait to read the next book in the Nice Guys series, and can't wait to see what Kindle Alexander comes up with next.

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  1. Loved your review! :)
    So nice to read other people liking just the things I do :D
    Thanks for hosting Kindle & the hotties <3

  2. Loved the review thanks for hosting

  3. Love this 2nd book in the Nice Guys series by Kindle--thanks for the Tour stop

  4. Wonderful review!! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Glad this was a good one, Casey. I just got the first book and hoped it would be a nice strong series.

    1. You are going to love them! This series is so HOT!

  6. Love the review! Thank you for hosting Kindle! She is my favorite M/M author! Just amazing!!