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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Follow by J.A. Huss

Follow is the first part in the Social Media serial by J.A. Huss. This serial will have six parts with each installment being released every two weeks. The story continues from one installment to the next and should be read in order. I knew going in that there would be cliffhangers, and honestly I am not the most patient person. But I was so drawn in by the blurb and the idea of this story that I really just could not wait to get my hands on this one. I have to admit that I really loved this first part, and I cannot wait to get more. The next installment is called Like and I will be anxiously waiting for more of Grace and Vaughn.

Grace Kinsella has publicly stalked movie star Vaughn Asher on social media sites for years. He has been the subject of all her dirty tweets, and they are filthy enough to make porn stars blush. When she ends up on vacation with her friend, the last thing she expects is for the subject of her dirty tweets to become a part of her real life instead of just her fantasy. When Vaughn reads a sexy tweet that is about him on her phone, he sets out to get her to submit to their every desire. Even though Grace had heard of his reputation, she quickly finds that Vaughn is even more dark in private than anyone knows. Vaughn is determined to show her the pleasure that awaits them both if she will submit to his control, but Grace struggles with giving him that kind of power regardless of her own desires. When faced with the reality versus her fantasy, Grace must decide whether she is willing to take the risk with Vaughn or if she will be unable to give in to what they both want.

I liked both Vaughn and Grace. Vaughn was sexy and charming, and I really loved his personality. He was blunt and honest and wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind. I loved that he was able to lay everything out for Grace and didn't try to bs her. I thought that he was really great and despite his need for her submission he was also understanding with her. He let her challenge him a bit and even though he was strict about what would happen between them, he was actually very lenient and I liked seeing his amusement with Grace and her attitude. Grace was really easy to like. She was this total dirty tweeter who wasn't afraid to say in detail exactly what she wanted, but when confronted in person about her desires she was much more shy and reserved. I liked that Vaughn had to sort of coax her out of her shell with him, and I loved that he constantly pushed her out of her comfort zone. She was used to hiding behind her social media profile, and it was nice to see her being challenged. I thought that they had amazing chemistry, and were super hot together! But I also saw that they weren't just connecting on a sexual level, and I think it will be very interesting to watch as their feelings continue to develop for one another.

Overall, I thought that this was a great start for Grace and Vaughn and I can't wait to see where things will go from here. These two were super sexy and I enjoyed watching their power struggle over control. I like that they challenged each other and it was really fun to watch these two circle one another. Right now these two are just getting to know one another, and I look forward to seeing them as their feelings start to strengthen and how they will deal with each other after this first interaction and where the story was left. I am so glad that we only have to wait two weeks for the next part, and I honestly will be counting the days. I highly recommend checking this one out, especially if you are looking for something really different and sexy! J.A. Huss started this one off with a bang, and I loved every bit of it!

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