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Saturday, February 25, 2017

ARC Review: Blacksmith by Jenika Snow

Ok, I have to stop reading these novellas because they are just getting too ridiculous.  I appreciate an author for giving us a short story. I'm ok with getting right to the point and getting to the hot stuff but I need it to make a little sense along the way. Not a lot of sense, but just a little. This book is probably about a hundred pages so it's super short but that's no excuse for some of its issues.

Ok, so the plot is really simple. Deacon is a blacksmith who sees Maddie passing by his shop everyday. Maddie is a virgin but she wants Deacon in a totally porn star type way.  One day Deacon finally approaches Maddie and the next minute they are locked in a super intense relationship. I know almost nothing about either one of these characters so I can't tell you if them being together made any sense. I do know that I was uncomfortable with the intensity of their feelings towards one another pre-any meaningful conversation or interaction. In fact, there is really nothing connecting these two characters with one another anywhere in the short book.

The other thing about this book that I found super distracting was that Deacon wanted Maddie really bad but held off on having sex with her at first for various reasons that didn't totally make sense to me. It just seems like when I book is approximately 10 pages and none of them are meaningful dialogue or events, we should be getting some pretty prompt sex scenes and that didn't happen in this book. If you read this book as a short story for some instant gratification, you might be ok but it really wasn't for me.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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  1. humm I hate when you can't even connect with characters, but a virgin that wanted porno sex, I guess thats believable..