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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anxiety about meeting others at Cons

So I know I'm a little premature with this but I'm really nervous about going to the Authors After Dark Con in August. I have issues when it comes to meeting people. I tend to be very shy and sometimes it's really hard for me to open up. Also, what if no one likes me. I almost want to pay so my BF can attend everything with me so I have someone to talk to. My BF just keeps telling me not to worry that these are my people, but seriously what if everyone hates me?


  1. Even though I'm not attending a Con this year I hope to do so sometime in the future. I think it's funny I've told my husband the same thing. Can't I just drag you along with me? He knows he's my safety and I'm super uncomfortable in large groups where I don't really know anyone. But I have learned by following authors on the blogs or through twitter and such that they're just like us. Now I'm not saying I won't become a giddy little school girl if ever in the presence of Sylvia Day or a few others, but I'll most likely remember something I've seen them say and try to not squeak when trying to start a conversation with her.

    No one will hate you. They will love you! Watch and see.

  2. Thanks. I'm just really, really shy around others. Once I warm up to others I'm okay but it's the intial meeting of others that worries me. I tend to freeze up and there always seems like there are a lot of ackward silences. I'm trying to get better. We'll see. I'm really excited though.