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Saturday, October 8, 2011

ARC Review: The Gift of Shayla by N.J. Walters

It's Christmas Eve and Adam is spending the evening with his longtime best friend Rob and his wife Shayla. Adam has been in love with Adam for years and recently started having feelings for his wife. He's afraid of how they would both react if they ever knew the truth. Right before Adam decides to leave Rob announces that he has his present for him, and oh what a present it is. When Adam goes up to Rob's room to get it, he's surprised to find a naked Shayla wrapped in a bow waiting for him. Shayla and Rob's gift to Adam is a night together.

This was is meant to be a quick and spicy read. And oh it's spicy! I actually had to put the book down for a bit because it was getting me all hot and bothered, but in a good way. The story takes place through everyone's eyes, so we are able to see where everyone is coming from. My favorite part was watching Adam and Rob interacting with each other. Adam is so terrified of this ruining their friendship and Rob is just so curious about it all. The scenes between them both were way hot and at times I honestly forgot that Shayla was even in the room. I liked that she just let them have their moment.

I really liked this story and I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author.

**ARC copy provided by NetGalley**



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