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Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post with Author Olivia Cunning and Giveaway

Hi everyone! Today I would like to welcome to the blog author Olivia Cunning. Olivia is the author of the super hawt series Sinners on Tour and if you haven't read it yet, stop what you're doing and go and pick up these books. They are super sexy and full of sexy musicians, and who doesn't love a sexy musician? You can check out my reviews of her first two books in the series here.

Olivia is here with some advice on what we can do to pass the time until the next Sinners on Tour releases. So listen up and take some notes. =)

Twelve Things to Do While Waiting for the Next Sinners on Tour Book

As my fans will tell you, we’ve been waiting for a release date for the third book in the Sinners on Tour series for a long time. I wrote three entire books, three novellas and several short stories while we waited for news. With the completion of each book we hoped we’d hear something. Nope. I was put on hold. And put on hold. And put on hold again. Finally, I scored some information. The next book is being released in November! Yay! Of 2012… groan… So I have a list of things that can help you wait for the naughtiest member of Sinners’ book. Rhythm guitarist, Trey Mills, gets his chance at love in Double Time (title subject to change). Hopefully, doing any or all of these twelve things will make the time go faster for me. I mean for you. Yeah. I already read the book. I know how it ends.

12. Reread (or read if you’re late to the party) the first book in the series, Backstage Pass, and count how many cherry suckers Trey consumes. You will need this information to determine if his addiction to all things cherry is decreasing or increasing in his own book.

11. Listen to songs that remind you of Sinners. My current favorite is Tear It Down by Burn Halo. Yep, I hear a lot of my fictional rock band in that song. Especially in that amazing guitar solo.

10. Go to a rock concert. If the band is hawt, pretend they’re Sinners. Scream your head off. Flick your bic (or light up your cellphone screen). Form a mosh pit. Toss your bra on stage. Damage your hearing. It’s all good.

9. Knit socks for all five members of the band. They’ll be touring in Canada soon. It’s freakin’ cold up there in the winter. After you determine the favorite color of each band member, figure out his shoe size based on descriptions of “correlative body parts”, and then learn how to knit. If you already know how to knit, you’re ahead of me.

8. Start a collection of used guitar picks caught at concerts and use them to create a life-sized mosaic of the Sinners logo. Why? I’m not sure, but it would waste a lot of time and you’d be forced to fight your way to the front of the crowd at many concerts.

7. Go to Las Vegas and use the second book of the series, Rock Hard, as your vacation guide. Be sure to bring an adventurous significant other with you. You might want to save some extra money for bail, just in case.

6. Learn backwards Arabic Pig Latin so you can help lead singer, Sed Lionheart, decipher his fiancĂ©e, Jessica’s, instruction manual.

5. Come up with a system to help bassist, Jace Seymour, organize his suitcase of sensual pleasures. He has his feathers, silk, candle wax, restraint cuffs, paddles, clothes pins and flavored oils all tossed in there in no particular order. A better system of organization would help him make his pleasure sessions more efficient.

4. Create a “cool” helmet for drummer, Eric Sticks, to protect his head from repeated banging on walls. If he sees any more smexy stuff he’s going to give himself permanent brain damage. And around Sinners there’s always smexy stuff going on.

3. Convince Myrna, wife of lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair, to have music score lines tattooed on her body so it’s easier for him to write guitar music while he makes love to her.

2. Make a cookbook containing unique and delicious recipes centered around rhythm guitarist, Trey Mill’s, favorite food: cherries.

1. Post a comment about ways to make the wait easier and be entered to win your choice of Backstage Pass or Rock Hard in either autographed trade paperback or ebook version. Two winners will be chosen at random. That won’t waste much time, but everyone loves winning prizes!

Check out the Sinners website for all up to date band info!

It's been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he's found his heart's muse, he doesn't want to live without her?

Places to purchase:
An ultimatum can break your heart....

Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica...

If you’re not willing to break all the rules...

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed...

Then a chance meeting and tortuously close quarters lead to uncontrollable flares of passion and rediscovery of their unique penchant for public encounters. Now, in addition to the risk of mutual heartbreak every time they get together, they’re in danger of truly scandalous public exposure...

Places to purchase:

**Author Info**

Combining her love for romantic fiction and rock ‘n roll, Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians.

Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music. She's been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert. As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction -- first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own.
Places to find Olivia:

2 lucky commenters will get the chance to win their choice of a copy of either Backstage Pass or Rock Hard in either paperback or eBook format. So make sure to answer Olivia's question and fill out the Rafflecopter form.


  1. For those who are creative you can create a "rock music video" featuring songs and images that reflect the Sinners books :) ...Whoops just noticed this is US shipping only so please disregard my entries.

  2. Oh, how I miss this band's bad boys. Which of the hotties will be delighting us next November?

  3. I LUV these books and how the sexy and hot, yet serious and makes u feel for these characters!!!! A way I think that may help past time is create your playlist for these books!!!! or just reread them until.....

  4. I don't think I've read a story in this setting before - sounds great!

  5. Elizabeth SullivanDecember 9, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    Olivia, have you ever heard the song "Porn Star Dancing" by a band called My Darkest Days? You should check it out.

  6. Since you have the sock thing covered... I'd just have to add matching toques and mittens for the boys... It gets mighty cold up here! Plus, maybe compile info for Eric regarging the dangers of concussions.

  7. Take a college course in Human Sexuality. I hear there's a great teacher in the Kansas City area.

  8. Take a pole dancing/ strip tease class. You can also create and name drinks based on each of the band members....make sure that Trey's has a cherry in it!

  9. I love your books!!!!!
    I was really hoping the next book would be Jace, he's my fave along with Brian!!! but I'm happy to just have another book!! I have already reread your books 4+ times. I love rock music so that will help!! Can you put quote teasers on your FB?!? that would be awesome!! :D

    thanx for the giveaway!

    ~Samantha Dacier

  10. Na- That is a great idea. I might have to sponsor a music video contest at some point.

    Jill- Everyone's favorite naughty bisexual, Trey. ;-)

    Unknown- I love hearing about songs fans think belong on play lists. It introduces me to new music I might not have heard before.

    Thanks, Di.

    Elizabeth- Yes, I love that song. It's on Rock Hard's playlist, which is on the "Fun Stuff" page on my website.

    Karalee- We definitely wouldn't want anyone's fingers to freeze off. They need those to play.

    Jessie- She does has some unique methods of teaching. ;-)

    Erin- You could take lessons from Jessica and Aggie. Hmmm... Do rock stars marry strippers?

    PNR Party- Quote teasers on Facebook? I could do some of that closer to the release date. If I started now, but the time next November rolled around, the whole book would be revealed.

    Good luck, all!

  11. Loved the post. Let's see, I need to do #1 and read the first stories. I admit it, I have not read their stories yet but I have heard about the Sinners and want to read them.
    The other items suggested are good too. I will remember these when I have completed #1 and will have to wait for November.
    Great giveaway! Thanks!!!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I'd have to go with #12 and say reread the first two. It's the only way to pass the time and especially if you can't get the hotties out of your head, lol. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  14. I would have to agree with #12-because I love to relax by reading or re-reading a book. I have not read either of these books and would have to for sure read the first one. I also choose #5-and help re-organize his pleasure case. I could add a few of my own items to help him out. LOL. Both of these books look great and would love to win and read the first one/or both. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.