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Monday, April 2, 2012

Feature and Giveaway: His Darkest Salvation by Juliana Stone

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Juliana was unable to cast her books. But fear not, we still want to feature her books because they are made of awesome and we want to share them with everyone.

Juliana Stone has always believed in the power of a good story. When her first narrative, a futuristic about Santa Claus set in a world that resembled her friend’s hamster cage was a hit with her fourth grade teacher, she discovered the joy of words. Something that has stayed with her ever since. Whether it was music or narrative, words became an important part of her life.

During a stint on the music end of things,( and yes she had the big hair, and equally big shoulder pads) she toured Canada fronting an all female rock band and after meeting her husband fell into married life. Kids, dog and the requisite white picket fence followed and her writing took a bit of a back seat.

But in the fall of 2007 she decided to take another stab at writing and inspired by the paranormal works of Christine Feehan, Keri Arthur and Lindsey Sands she set out to write something great. She ended up with an intriguing world of Jaguar Warriors and was grateful that Avon Books wanted to publish them!

Juliana writes paranormal romance for Avon/Harpercollins including The Jaguar Warrior Trilogy and her new paranormal romance/urban fantasy series, League of Guardians, as well as futuristic/sci-fi for Samhain Publishing. She’s excited about writing a new contemporary romance series for Sourcebooks, based on 3 of her favorite Bon Jovi songs that will release in 2013. Please visit the book page for more information about these books!

Places to find Juliana:
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In a world on the brink of chaos, passion and vengeance collide …

After six months in hell, Julian Castille has returned to the world a changed man. No longer the calm, powerful CEO, but a shifter fully embraced by the blood of his clan. Julian has one goal: find the key to the portal that stands between the human realm and unprecedented darkness—and win back the pieces of his soul. The last thing he needs is a distraction like the beautiful, enigmatic Jaden DaCosta.

Three years ago, a forbidden night of passion left Jaden forever altered: mated to Julian Castille–bound to a man who despises her. But the temptation to trust this darker, more savage—and more captivating—Julian is overwhelming. And as they fight for their immortal souls, their insatiable desire for each other may prove their fatal undoing…

Places to Purchase:


“It’s been too long Jaden.”

Her tongue caught between her teeth as her name fell from his lips. The way he said it sent waves of pleasure rolling through her. It wasn’t fair. She wanted to hang her head in shame at the betrayal of her body.

He tipped her head up until it rested against his chest and their eyes met as he looked down at her. Long moments passed and the only sound heard was their heavy breathing.

He smiled, but there was a cruelty in the depths of his eyes that gave her pause and put her instantly on edge.

“Yeah, way too long,” he said roughly. “You’ll do.”

Then his mouth was upon hers, open, hot, and demanding.

In that moment nothing existed but the two of them. And even though it was all wrong and dark and humiliating, deep inside the cat began to purr.

Check out her other books in the Jaguar Warrior Series-

Click cover for more info.

Want to win some goodies from Juliana? 2 winners (US ONLY) will win a copy of one of Juliana's books + a cover flat of her book Wrong Side of Hell.

Up for grabs:
His Darkest Embrace + cover flat
His Darkest Salvation + cover flat

To Enter:
  • Leave a comment answering the question: Who you would cast in Juliana's books? 
  • Fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Please answer the question below or leave a meaningful comment. 

Good Luck =)

**Don't forget to stop by Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance to check out their feature on His Darkest Embrace.

A HUGE thank you to Juliana Stone for providing the giveaway copies. 

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  1. I would totally cast Chris Hemsworth in one of Juliana's books!

  2. How about Wes Brown, Manu Bennett or Dustin Clare for the men. For the ladies, how about Katrina Law or Sophia Bush. Thanks for the excerpt.

    Joanne B

  3. I am terrible at knowing any names of actors but since Bon Jovi was an inspiration why not cast him in one of the books.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  4. Oh, come on! Lol. I hate questions like these--I feel like I'm showing up for a test unprepared! :)

    I can't really think of any actors/actresses right now. For one thing, since I haven't read this series (yet), I think that would be kind of hard to do. After all, I might suggest someone that is the total opposite of the characters in the book and then a fan of the books could come after me.... :)

    But I'm curious to see who others are going to suggst! :)

    TBQ's Book Palace

  5. I can't tell any actor since i haven't read these book yet. However after these excerpt i really hope to try one day

    all the best

  6. I too haven't read any of these books yet *hangs head*, but my favoite actor is Gerard Butler, so maybe he could play a role.


  7. I've not read you as yet but loved the excerpt and would love to try one of your books.


  8. I have not read this series yet so I'll just have to go by the excerpt. For Jaden, Jennifer Aniston and for Julian a younger Aidan Quinn. I'm so bad at the casting. LOL!

  9. I'd go with Chris Hemsworth. He is fine :). Other than him I can't think of any actors names.


  10. I haven't read the series yet, so I'm not sure who I'd cast for the books.

  11. Paul Marron (Julian) for all the guys? ;)

  12. I not heard of this series before but I would suggest someone talk, dark and handsome.


  13. I just had the chance to read Wrong Side of Hell, and oh my was it amazing! I can't wait to read more of Juliana Stone's work! I should let you know ahead of time I have thing for Gerald Butler so he is my answer for anything when I think of hot males lol! But he does fit Logan I think from the role he played in 300 he would fit Logan perfectly!

  14. I haven't read any of the books, but how about a cover model? CJ Hollenbach. He can be on the cover and in the book. :)
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  15. I like the way bn100 thinks! ;)

  16. You know, when asked these questions, I always come up empty. No different here. I can't think of a single person. Hopefully I'm still entered. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. I haven't read these books so I don't have a feel for the characters. I still think Sam Elliot is the hottest actor do maybe er could find a part for him.

  18. Can't say as I haven't read this series yet.

  19. I'm on a big Eion Baily kick right now but he might be too small for a shifter...

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  20. Haven't read the series yet but I agree with Joe Manganiello for any one. :)
    Carol L.

  21. I have not read the series yet but I do like Hugh Jackman for a lot of shifters. Especially when he played Wolverine he could be a shifter, yummy!

  22. I haven't read any of your books yet, so I can't really choose. I did love the excerpt. Very yummy!

  23. Haven't read any of your books but they do sound good. Too bad I didn't get here in time for the giveaway :)