Sunday, May 13, 2012

ARC Review: Legally Yours by Manda Collins

I really enjoyed this story, I just wish it were longer. Julie and Matt had some great sexytimes together and are hella hot together. I liked that even though this was a short story it felt complete. It didn't feel rushed or as if anything was missing. It had a nice progression that felt real and true to the characters.

Julie has spent the last six years raising her younger sister and in the process has put her own personal life on hold. When Julie gets a blast from her past in the form of her old crush from law school Matt, she realizes she hasn't really done much with her personal life. With her thirtieth birthday just two weeks away she decides that it may be time to make some changes. She decides to create a bucket list of items, most of the list being sexy items that she hopes to complete before she hits thirty.

When Matt was in law school he had a huge crush on Julie. He thought she was sexy and smart but by the time he finally found the nerve to ask her out, she was gone. He never expected to see or hear from her again, especially not at the law firm he's been sent to investigate. When he spies Julie's bucket list in the office copier, he knows this is his chance to finally get closer to Julie. He offers to help Julie complete the list.

It was only supposed to be a two week fling with no attachments, no feelings. Julie would go back to living her life and Matt would go back to Washington, D.C. But when things start to get more serious between them how can they just walk away and pretend they have no feelings for one another? Neither one expected anything to come from their fling, but could a fling really turn into a relationship?

Seriously, this was a great read. If you are looking for something hot and sexy, then look no further. Not only do Matt and Julie has some sexy chemistry in the bedroom but they are also great outside of it. I hope Manda decides to write about more of these sexy lawyers, because she's definitely got me wanting more.

**ARC copy provided by the author**



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