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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ARC Review: Wicked Road To Hell by Juliana Stone

This was a great beginning to what looks like a great new series by Juliana Stone. I really enjoyed this book and I'm super excited that I was finally able to see Declan and Ana get their HEA. Ever since I picked up Juliana's first book His Darkest Hunger, I've been dying to see what was going to happen with Declan and Ana. There were just so many sparks between them both. It sucked having to wait so long to finally see them get together but it was worth it.

Boy oh boy is Declan one hot, sexy man! Him and Ana were super hot together and I found myself fanning my face on more than one occasion. These two just sizzled. But once I got past their sparks and obvious chemistry I found myself a little annoyed. I understand Declan has been in love with Ana for years and it just about killed him when he watched her die a few years ago, I just wish he wasn't so Alpha with her at times. He tended to treat her like she's a delicate flower who can't take care of herself when in actuality she's a fierce, kickass heroine who can not only take care of herself but others also. Because of this I found myself getting anxious quite a few times. It aggravated me to see him be so domineering. Did he not remember that she fought alongside of him for years when there were PATU? Forgetting all of that, I still liked Declan. He's fierce and willing to do anything to protect the woman that he loves. I found that commendable.

I really like Ana. I mean really, who doesn't love a heroine who can kick some ass? She's caring and watching her fight herself over her feeling for Declan was slightly heart-wrenching. I just wanted to scream at her a few times but I completely understood where she was coming from. It's because of her love she's stayed away. Ana is just like Declan when it comes to caring for the ones she loves. She will do whatever she can to take care of the ones she cares about and I really liked that about her. Previously, I found Ana slightly cold and uncaring, but that definitely is not the case.

I really enjoyed this book but towards the second-half of the book it kind of started to drag for me. It just felt like too much was happening but not enough was happening. Does that make any sense? So much is happening to both Declan and Ana actionwise. One second they are fighting demons, the next vampires, and the next moment something else. It just became to much action after awhile. And while all of this is going on both Ana and Declan are trying to figure out their relationship. For me, it just felt like some things were lost in all of the action. I think I would have like there to be a bit more focus on their relationship. I don't feel like either one ever really talked to the to other and that I didn't like. I feel like there are some things that were never answered. I think if I were a reader who hadn't read Juliana Stone's previous Jaguar Warriors series I would feel slightly disappointed. I don't feel like I ever really got to know either character that well. What's their backstory, why are they here? Especially with Ana. I feel like there is so much that I still don't know about her and her past and I just would have liked to know a bit more.

Though all in all, I really enjoyed this book and I loved the idea behind this series. This is definitely a series that has caught my attention and I will definitely be reading and keeping an eye out for. Juliana introduced many characters that I am dying to get to know better and I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

**ARC copy provided by Publisher**

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