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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guest Post with Author Jaime Rush and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to the blog author Jaime Rush. Jaime is currently on tour promoting her new release Darkness Becomes Her and has stopped by the blog to chat. Before I give the floor over to Jamie, lets get to know her a bit.

Hello! I'm so glad you've come to visit. So you want to know a little more about me? I am the daughter of an exiled king, living a life of both luxury and danger. While ensconced in our palace in our adopted land of Romania, we must be ever-vigilant of the dark forces that expunged us from the beautiful and sacred land that was once called Eden.

You can tell I write fiction, right? I wish I could say that I was an airline pilot or a former spy or something exciting, but my life has been pretty ordinary. In these times, though, that's a good thing. I get my excitement from writing and reading fiction, as well as watching my fave television shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy. I enjoy living in other people's imaginations as much as my own. Missing the romance, drama, and action of my favorite television shows, The X-Files, Roswell, and Highlander, is why I created my own mix in the Offspring series.

I've lived in the same southwest Florida town my whole life. I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends, and consider myself blessed beyond reason. I swim, work out, meditate, read, and spend time with the aforementioned friends and family. I try to find joy in the little things in life and to find the lessons in the hard times. Life is truly what we make it, and I choose to make mine fantastic.

Since I was a kid, I devoured books and television shows on unexplained mysteries and psychic phenomena. I knew I would be published, marry a fabulous guy, and win a Toyota Supra.

I do have another identity: I've written eighteen books under my name, Tina Wainscott.
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I admit that I've always had a curiosity about virgin heroes. I think it started when I heard John Cougar's "Into the Night" (yes, before he was Mellencamp) In particular, these two lines:

"You say that I'm the boy who can make it all come true,
Well, I'm tellin' ya that I don't know if I know what to do."

That vulnerability touched me, made me curious about him.

As a writer, my quandary has always been how to make him bad, dangerous, sexy and a virgin all at once. We don't want fumbling heroes in the bedroom (or elsewhere) after all. In DARKNESS BECOMES HER, I had a hero who'd spent his formative years in remote places because his father was on the run. And because of a mistake the hero made, which caused the death of someone he loved, he now lived in self-imposed monk's life. I'd come up with some way that he'd gotten experience, but honestly I wasn't thrilled with it.

As I was writing the beginning of the book, I happened upon a discussion about virgin heroes on GoodReads.

Some of the readers' comments were:

"To me, it's sexy to see a virgin hero learn his skills with the heroine."

"Virgin heroes rock. :)"

"I'm not always the greatest fan of virgin really all depends on how he's written. I don't like a lot of fumbling and awkwardness LOL"

"I like when a hero is a virgin and a dangerous bad boy too."

"As far as inexperience, a hero has to learn somewhere. Why not with the heroine?"

And I realized that Lachlan was the perfect hero with whom to explore this fascination. He's not completely innocent. In the age of the internet and on-line porn, his formative years could certainly be, uh, informative. But now that he's sworn to a life of celibacy, he has no need for such things.

Enter the heroine. Now, I had already decided that she was a virgin. She has good reason to fear letting herself go emotionally, because she harbors something called Darkness that comes out when she's in a heightened emotional state.

Here's a sneak peek of the reveal:

"I was never comfortable meeting new people like Magnus was. I stayed round here, helping my dad with his research. Magnus, though, kept trying to tempt me into going out, telling me about all the wickedness in the world." Lachlan gave her a wicked smile to go along with that. "I was going to give in, but then”—that smile faded—“after my psychosis, none of that mattered."

Jessie wasn't sure if he was being cagey or obtuse. "So, before that, you didn't … socialize? In person, I mean."

He got that cute expression again, his mouth turning up slightly in a smile. "Are you asking if I'm a virgin? Getting a wee bit personal, aren't you?"

A laugh burst out of her. "Oh, do not pretend modesty with me now. You blew that card when you were standing there in your skivvies and not the least bit bothered."

He shrugged. "Magnus and I spent a lot of time running around in our skivvies in the heat of summer. But I do make a point to get dressed when I go out in public."

"Smart of you. Nice as you look in your skivvies, the public in general takes a dislike to nudity." Oops. Had she actually said that?

"Why, thank you."

She liked this more relaxed side of him. "So? Are you virgin?" Now that she'd introduced the question, in her mind at least, she wanted to know. Really badly.

"Aye." He said it without shame or even a hint of chagrin.

The thought of it tickled through her like fingers skittering across her stomach. She took another sip of her coffee, focusing on the light brown liquid in her mug and not on him, because she loved, loved the idea of this gorgeous man being a virgin like she was. She realized that when he'd made the snorting sound at her confession that she was a virgin, he hadn't been making fun of her. He probably couldn't believe the coincidence. She met his gaze. "I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

He was taking a drink of water and nearly choked on it.

I'm celebrating the release of DARKNESS BECOMES HER with my Kick Butt First Line contest. Shocking, suspenseful…make us want more! Cash prizes! Contest runs until July 1, 2012. For aspiring authors, it's a chance to get your name out there and add a "win" to your bio. For readers, it's a chance to play at being a writer. Even if you're not inclined to write a line, check out the entries—they're a lot of fun! For details, go to and click on the Contest link.

Post a comment or answer this question and have a chance to win a copy of DARKNESS BECOMES HERWhat do you find the sexiest thing about a man, real or fictional?

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary.
They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger.

Power Junkie: Lachlan McLeod spent wild years astrally projecting himself into other times and places. But he doesn't get out much anymore—not after the fatal mistake that cost him a precious loved one.

Pixie Fugitive: Jessie isn't having a bad day. She's having a bad lifetime. After the terrifying act of supernatural violence that destroyed her family, she's been on the run for years. But now her ruthless enemy is drawing closer . . . and her own powers have finally awakened.

They're two people who don't play well with others. But they're going to have to learn to, and quickly. Because they're the only two people in the world who can save each other — and their passion is the only thing that can save the world.

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  1. I find intelligence to be the sexiest thing about a man. I've actually never read a story with a virgin hero, so I am excited to read this one!

  2. I love how they can be protective and possessive but not smoothering,

  3. Lets see, I find the sexiest thing about a man is his caring nature and sense of humor.

  4. Good morning! And all good traits. I love a sense of humor, especially when he can laugh at himself.

    Yadkny, this is my first virgin hero, so it was something new for me, too!

  5. Being an awesome dad is super sexy!

  6. Good morning. I love intelligence and wit/coupled with humor. I think the best hero has that perfect mix of street smarts/book smarts.
    I don't think I've ever read a book with a virgin hero.. you'ld think I'd definitely remember if I had :)

  7. Thanks for the great post and giveaway! I just got the first 3 books of this series and I can't wait to get started :)

    I like humor and intelligence. Give me a beta guy any day! Strong, dependable, smart, snarky... yet isn't going to grab you by the hair and drag into his cave.

  8. There are a few things. But the ultimate sexiest thing is his eyes. They just say so much without words and drag you in until you never want to let go :)

    Thank you for a chance to win! I wish you the very best of success with all of your works!


  9. Good comments, everyone! I totally agree with all of them. I'm already telling my 9 yo daughter to never be with someone who disrespects her. Friends, boyfriends, anyone.

    The guy whose looks I based my hero on is a great dad. You can see his pic that I posted here: He's always posting about what he did with his little bun, and her observations, and you can tell he's such a great daddy. And he's single!

    Thanks for buying the first 3 books, Erin! Hope you love them :)

  10. I love a really witty guy with a healthy dose of sarcasm thrown in!

    Thanks for a great contest :)

  11. And a PS. the GoodReads group where we had the discussion was the Dangerous Hero Addict Support Group, a fun group!

  12. They say the brain is the largest sex organ and I definitely agree with that. Intelligence is the thing that attracts me every time (even better if there's some humor thrown in also).

  13. I think the sexiest things about a man are his differences and his ability to express them. I don't mean like, he's super bluntly honest all the time. I mean, like, a guy who isn't trying to impress a girl by being what she thinks he wants him to be. He's his own person when he's with her, and he tells it like it is. And he's open-minded enough to understand his isn't the only opinion that's right.

  14. Confidence in having a take charge attitude is sexy in a man in real life or in a book. I am partial to Alpha males, they have allthe wonderful qualities of confifence, control, appeal, but always the soft spot for their female.

  15. I like his protectiveness and his interactions with his love.

  16. As far as physical, I love a guys eyes. I love a gentle strength in a man. He has a quiet confidence and a warm compassionate heart.

  17. The sexiest thing is a man's attitude. That "I'm in charge" swagger that comes from an alpha male.

  18. for me its his eyes, they seem to tell me I can trust him completly
    Hi JAmie/Tina

  19. Hi
    Their're honesty and what they do to protect the woman they love.

  20. Besides a man's bum, the sexiest thing for me is a man who isn't afraid to show his love for women and children. There is nothing sexier than watching a man take care of his child!


  21. The sexiest thing about a man is his mind. Having a unique interesting personality. Something that sets him apart from everyone else.

  22. Intelligence & personality. Of course a great body helps too! LOL

  23. how he treats his women and inteligence.

  24. he's smart, cool, inteligence and care..iam prefer alpha male..

  25. I love a gorgeous man of course and the eyes realy get me but hes gotta have a sense of humor I love a man who can make me laugh

  26. He is smart, funny, adorable and also brave.

  27. one Word .. He's HOT!! xD

    Thank's for the Giveaway... ^^

  28. His eyes, then his attitude.

  29. Persistance. I love a man that will not give up on anything, especially his woman.

  30. Depends on the guy. My SO though... so easy. The day we met, OMG his EYES.. and the long gorgeous girly lashes on those blues.... sigh. Over time, his scent... yum. When I feel like poop... he makes me grilled cheese, just the way I like it. Fictional - one word... Picard.

  31. Physically it's the eyes but I find compassion very sexy.