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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Post with Author Kaylie Newell and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome author Kaylie Newell to RFTC. Kaylie is celebrating the release of her book Teaching Office Lonesome and has stopped by to chat. Before I give the floor over to Kaylie, let's get to know her a bit.

For Kaylie Newell, storytelling is in the blood. Growing up the daughter of two gifted writers, she knew eventually she’d want to follow in their footsteps. While she’s written short stories her whole life, it wasn’t until after her kids were born that she decided to shoot for the moon and write her first romance novel. She hasn’t looked back since!

Kaylie lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, two little girls, an elderly Chihuahua mix, and two indifferent cats.

Places to find Kaylie:

I’m so excited to be celebrating the release of my brand new steamy novella, Teaching Officer Lonesome this week. Thank you for having me!

This is a story about a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks and what happens when she falls for a sexy cop twice her age.

Most of my stories have a police officer hero. For those who know me, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as I worked as a records clerk in a small PD for just under nine years. Ahh, the ideas you gather when working with men in uniform all day long. =) It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Sexiness aside, these were some of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meet. For me, police officers make perfect romance heroes. They do exactly what’s written on the side of their patrol cars. Protect and Serve. *sigh* (And let’s not forget about those uniforms!)

The inspiration for all my books came from my time on the job. Teaching Officer Lonesome is no exception. The idea took shape when the character of Jack Malone came to me. A handsome patrol officer in his early forties, Jack lost his wife in a car accident a year ago. He’s only ever been with one woman, and although he’s very capable in every other aspect of his life, he’s not confident when it comes to starting over with someone new, especially when it comes to sex. Hope Marlow is the young woman he pulls over one day for not using her turn signal. Hope is the exact opposite of Jack. Although she’s only twenty-two, she’s a seasoned vet when it comes to steamy one night stands. Hope is tough and jaded, and has learned to use sex to push her emotions away. She’s instantly attracted to Jack and wants to show him how fulfilling lust alone can be. Although their age difference bothers him, it gets harder and harder for Jack to resist her advances. He misses having a woman in his life, and where Hope is determined to teach him about sex, he thinks he might have a thing or two to teach her about love.

This is my very first attempt at a short, spicy story. This little novella really surprised me. I was expecting it to be just that…short and spicy. But I think it turned out to be much more. The characters are both damaged in different ways. When they fell for each other, it was face first. Bam! I was rooting for them every step of the way. They’re both really good people who have known great pain and heartache. They deserved to be happy.

I hope romance lovers fall for Hope and Jack as hard as I did. And a little bonus? You ladies out there might see getting a ticket in a slightly different light (wink, wink).

Happy reading!

A sexy cop with a broken heart is about to be taught a lesson.

Hope Marlow is a twenty-two-year-old seasoned vet when it comes to steamy one-night stands. Hope has had a hard life. From the wrong side of the tracks and abandoned by her mother, she finds herself trying to raise her little sister on a salary that barely pays the bills each month. She's tough, jaded, but when she's pulled over one sweltering summer afternoon for not using her turn signal, she meets her match in a sexually inexperienced cop twice her age.

The day Jack Malone stopped Hope is one he can't forget. It's more than the way she looked in the miniskirt and hot pink tank top, it's her confidence that keeps coming back to haunt him. But Jack is still reeling from his wife's death a year ago, and Hope represents things he thinks he can't have with a woman—passion and a new beginning. Plus, there's the fact that she's practically half his age.

Hope sees things differently. The age difference doesn't bother her, but while Jack craves an emotional connection, Hope has no interest in that. She's an expert at pushing her emotions aside, and she knows that if Jack would let her, she could teach him how fulfilling lust alone can be. With that in mind, she sets out to seduce the sexy cop.

It's only during their first night of passion that they both discover how much they've been missing.

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some explicit language

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  1. This book looks great. I haven't read anything by Kaylie Newell, but I would definitely be interested in reading "Teaching Officer Lonesome."

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

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