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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gods & Goddess Week: Saranna DeWylde and Giveaway

This entire week is dedicated to all those wonderful books that feature Gods & Goddesses as the main characters. We have great interviews and some awesome giveaways through out the week so make sure to check back each day with Stitch Read Cook and Ramblings from this Chick for all the fun! Today we have Saranna DeWylde visiting.

Saranna DeWylde has always been fascinated by things better left in the dark. She wrote her first story after watching The Exorcist at a slumber party. Since then, she’s published horror, romance and narrative nonfiction. Like all writers, Saranna has held a variety of jobs from an operations supervisor for an airline, to an assistant for a call girl, to a corrections officer. But like Hemingway said, “Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it.” So she traded in her cuffs for a full-time keyboard. Saranna is a member of RWA and lives in Kansas halfway between prisonville and one of the most haunted towns in the US.

Places to find Saranna:

A la Twitter style, can you describe your book (or series) in 140 characters or less.
Desperate Housewives meets Greek mythology.

What song would be your theme song?
I don’t have one anymore. I used to have a banner song that just summed up everything in my life, but now, it’s a little bit of everything.

Quick & Easy
Day or Night? Day
Love at First Sight or Second Chances? First Sight.
Weres or Vamps? Weres.
Paperbacks or Ebooks? Both.
Past, Present or Future? Present.
Reading or Writing? Both.
Coffee or Tea? Both.
Plotter or Panster? Both.
Reality or Fiction? Both.
Laptop or Desktop? Laptop.
Angel or Demon? Demon. Because they still have something to learn.
Authors Choice: If you could turn Aphrodite’s powers back on her, who would you set her up with? (Any pantheon.)

Now, for the characters...

If you could take your partner/spouse anywhere in our world or yours where would it be?
“I would take him to the moment in time when I knew he was the one.” ~Persephone

What initially drew you to your partner/spouse?
“Her disinterest.” ~Zeus

If Hollywood optioned your story, who would you like to see play you?
Demeter would like Charlize Theron to play her.

Got Angel?

Drusilla "Tally" Tallow does. Both fallen and otherwise because she's got ten days of Heavenly and Infernal Parole after knocking Falcon Cherrywood from his broom. All she wanted was to settle down with a nice warlock, have babies, and grow old together. But she's got a bad habit of falling for the wrong warlock. She blames Cupid. Too bad her Heavenly Parole Officer is none other than the heart bandit himself--the newly appointed Cupid and current fixture in all her fantasies, Falcon Cherrywood.

After smiting Cupid with a fireball, Falcon Cherrywood must now play the Diapered Archer. He can't think of anything more humiliating than flying around in pink wings shooting arrows into hopeless fools. Archery was never his strong suit and Falcon doesn't even believe in love. But more troubling are the feelings his sinfully irresistible parolee sets off in him--for only Tally has the power to make him believe in things better left to fairy tales, like Happily Ever After.

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Check out the 10 Days series:
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Check out whats up for grabs.

Up For Grabs:

To Enter:
  • Please answer Stephanie's question: If you could turn Aphrodite’s powers back on her, who would you set her up with? (Any pantheon.)
  • Please fill out the Rafflecopter form. 

**Don't forget to head over to Stitch-Read-Cook to check out the rest of Saranna's interview. 

Good Luck =)
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  1. Replies
    1. They do have some history, don't they? I'm actually writing Aphrodite's story now. She wouldn't shut up. ;)

  2. i would pick apollo

    1. That's an interesting choice I didn't think of.

  3. Replies
    1. I do like the contrast of love and war. They'd definitely have a fiery relationship.

  4. Thoth. I like the idea of of love and wisdom together

    1. That's so wonderful when they can go together, right? ;)

  5. I would say any of them! No problems with any gods!

  6. Love the Desperate Housewives meets Greek mythology description!
    If I had to choose a god for Aphrodite it would probably be Hades, the guy just needs a little love!

    1. Thanks! Oh, poor Hades. He gets an HEA in this book though.

  7. I would choose Posiden.
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

    1. He definitely doesn't get enough love. I'll be writing his story in the third book: Last God Standing.

  8. I'd say Ares but they were already lovers :P so...Dionysus would be perfect, god of wine Merry Making, Theatre and Ecstasy a perfect package? ehhe

    1. Wow! They'd never getting anything done. Except, well... :)

  9. Hehe . . . I want to go horribly, awfully evil because I think Aphrodite is likely a you-know-what. Someone who would put her in her place, even if it's just a wee bit . . .

    But I don't know who the ideal god for that job would be. There's so many choices. Loki might just be mean, but maybe Thor? I don't know. I have a preference for the Norse gods.

    1. I do too.

      But I think she has a thing for war gods. She can't help herself. Aeron is the welsh god of slaughter... they may be having drinks tonight.

  10. Argh, I am going with the crowd, Ares. Prolly a bit self centered since I am an Aries... or maybe just long term lust for Mr. Sexy sideburns from the old tv series Zena...

    1. OMG, I loved him. He was just so misunderstood. All he needed was me... lol.

  11. Replies
    1. Hmm. He seems to be the overwhelming choice. Poor Aphrodite. She's in for it. ;)

  12. I would pick Poseidon, because who doesn't love the God of the sea. Also I am a Pisces.

  13. Ares comes immediately to mind. Let the fireworks explode!!

  14. Ares or Hades for my choice. I love the theme of your books. Don't enter me for the e-book though because I can't read them on this computer.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  15. I would have to say Posiden. (as a water baby, he would be my obvious choice.) :)