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Friday, May 10, 2013

Guest Post with Author Red Garnier and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome author Red Garnier to RFTC. Red is celebrating the upcoming release of Taken by Him book 2 in her Billionaire's Club series. Red has stopped by to chat, please give her a warm welcome.

Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora's Cave Publishing in May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended Read.

She writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals, which can range from dark and emotionally intense, to witty and fun and sweet as cherries! Whatever she's writing at the time, Red loves to sit down with her characters and let them take things from there.

Red Garnier is a lover of love, laughter, and hot, steamy sex. She lives with her husband - the love of her life, her very own hero! - and is a proud mother of two.

She was born to write, to say what's on her mind, and to make a few tongues wag along the way. When Red is not writing, she's probably found with her face glued to a sizzling romance book.

Red loves to read and to write in the many genres of romance.

Places to find Red:

10 Things I Learned from My Mother

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and in all kinds of personalities. When I was growing up, I rarely saw eye to eye with my mother. I was always someone who wanted to be alone with my thoughts and my books, and she’s an extrovert who loves talking and socializing. It took years for her to realize I was more like my dad, haha, and that that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. (And of course dad always whispered the usual, “Bah, don’t pay attention to your mother.”)

But of course I paid attention to my mother! We all pay attention to our parents. It’s like an innate need to please them and make them proud of us. And now that I am a mother, I truly realize what a real challenge it is to “mother” someone. Nobody teaches you how to be a good mother, and even kids with different personalities require a different approach. My son is very independent and likes to be left alone, most of the time, and I give him his space only because he’s also very communicative, so I always am still aware of what he’s doing and thinking.

Meanwhile, my daughter is homier than my son, and she’s very much like me in the sense that she loves books, walking, and talking about deep stuff. My son totally gets bored with us! But she tells me that her friends, all 15 year olds, don’t have good relationships with their mothers, and that she very much wants to have with her daughter the same relationship she and I have.

I wonder if that will be possible, since we are all so different, even if you love someone very much, you can clash BIG TIME, like I did with my mother in my especially tumultuous teenage years. And yet even when we clashed, I loved my mother with all my heart, and knew she loved me. She’s an amazing mother and human being. She is a woman who’s dedicated her life to the wellbeing and raising of her children, and to the happiness of her spouse. She’s a great homemaker and the kind of person that always has nice things to say about everyone. She always made me feel loved, even when I was naughty.

Here are ten things she taught me that I will never, ever forget. So momma, I may have been different, but I hope you now realize that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. I love the kind of mother you are – always calling, always checking on her “little chicks.” You’ve made me strive to be the best mother I can be, too! And every day, you’ve taught me all kinds of stuff. Here are some I will never forget, and I hope that readers will share some things their mother’s have taught them, too!

1. Never eat strawberries that aren’t organic
2. Don’t talk to strangers
3. If you have the energy to do something nice for someone in a day, do it
4. Always eat together, as a family
5. A small gift or a card goes a long way in telling someone that you care
6. Cake and cookies are also big time ways to show someone you’re thinking about them
7. Ask for forgiveness
8. Forgive, even if they don’t ask you to
9. Pray
10. Love, unconditionally

I especially love the last one. So, what about you? What have your mother’s taught you that lingers in your head and you will never forget?

In celebrating all our special mothers out there, I’m offering an eBook download of the first novella in my Billionaire’s Club series, Claimed by Him, to one lucky commentator, who will be announced after Sunday May 12 at midnight! Thanks so much for stopping by! =)

Luke Preston is the ultimate playboy among his billionaire friends. Every bad girl in Chicago has surrendered in his bed. Some good girls, too. But when he ends up in the hospital after an assassination attempt, his friends suggest he take a long vacation to recoup, regroup and lay off the women until the man is caught. However, when Luke lays eyes on the stunning brunette across the beach, she inspires every dark, erotic thought his mind can conjure.

Peyton Lane has always been serious and responsible and she's determined to have some fun for once in her life. And that means a deliciously, sexy affair with a stranger while she's on vacation. So when a blond Adonis named Luke crosses her path at the Cancun resort, she's determined that he will be the one. But Peyton gets more than she bargained for when Luke introduces her to a passion unlike any she has ever experienced and she discovers that behind that charming smile are secrets and a beautiful, damaged soul.

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  1. Be a good girl; strong, patient with smart appearance.

  2. If you lend money to people, assume that they won't pay you back. So only lend money to others if you are okay with that!

  3. My mother taught me to keep calm and not over react. Things always look better after you think them over with a cup of tea.

  4. To be a strong independent woman and to never be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

  5. That the capacity to love has no bounds and that even though we are hurt by those we love, we keep on loving them.

  6. Today would be my mom's 86th birthday! Think before you speak would be her mantra.

  7. My mother always told me not to run in front of a train, meaning.. take a step back and stop jumping to conclusions over everything because i tend to overreact and stress myself out. Also to try and forgive people, because you don't need that kind of bad energy in your life.

  8. Do on to others as you would have them to on to you.

  9. Don't mix your reds with your whites!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Always tell the truth. No matter how bad it is. As long as you are honest it won't be nearly as bad for you as it could be.

  11. To never back down and to be strong!