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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ARC Review: Don't Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee

Not wanting to disappoint her family as well as show her ex-boyfriend that she hasn’t moved on from the train wreck that was their relationship, Alice Shepard is on the hunt for a date for her sister’s upcoming wedding. Being hurt and loaded with baggage has kept her off the dating scene causing her even more difficulty finding someone who could pull off acting as though they were together, as well as being someone she wouldn’t mind being cooped up with in the close confines of a cruise ship for several days. Not wanting to ask a coworker because she’s worried about the awkwardness that would surely result after her sister has tied the not, she feels she has no options other than asking her very handsome and stoic neighbor. It helps that she’s been obsessing over him since she first set eyes on him after moving in, but also adding a whole other level of stress to trying to accomplish her goal of showing everyone that she’s emotionally sound and able to find a man for herself without their intervention.

Noah Thorpe has watched his neighbor since she moved into the place next door. Though, from both an great emotional and physical distance. Being a vampire and under threat of being forced into a union he wishes to avoid from his maker, he has no dreams of doing more than enjoying Alice from a distance. To his shock he, in the most opportune time, he’s offered a proposition from the young woman that he has little option other than accepting. He needs to get out of town, and spending time on a cruise ship out of the view of his peers is the perfect cover. However, it doesn’t go unheeded that he will be closer to the creature he’s been working so hard to avoid than ever. Worrisome that his desires and her temptation seem to rise exponentially relative to their proximity.

This was my first opportunity to read Tiffany Allee’s works and I truly enjoyed myself. This was a very light read full of many sweet and endearing moments. As well as the steamy and dreamy chemistry between Alice and Noah. Though their relationship grew at a quick rate, Allee did a great job of starting it off with a simmer and ending with a lively boil. Taken on the journey of these two falling in love you definitely get to enjoy watching them battle their own insecurities as well as fight for what they truly want in their lives. Finishing this book has left me interested in checking out other titles from Allee’s Sons of Kane series. If you are looking for an enjoyable light read about a sweet romance, and two strong individuals finding themselves through the ones they love I can genuinely recommend you pick up this book.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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