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Friday, July 19, 2013

ARC Review: Silent Warrior by Lindsey Piper

Silent Warrior was a quick paced, action packed prequel to Piper’s Caged Warrior, the first book in her new Dragon Kings’ series which released on June 26th.

The story began with a pulse quickening cage fight between the two main characters. Hark fighting to win money to pay off loan sharks has a lot of incentive to take the victory over his opponent. And though an arrogant, ever-babbling, alpha male he is also an incredible fighter. Honing his skills from a rough life on the streets. Through his non-stop blather he has perfected a shield to protect himself from the rough realities of his existence which had served him well until he happened upon this female opponent.

Silence, a mute by choice, was trained for this. Lived for battle. An intimidating fighter who’s skills earned her great respect in the cage, as well as standing in the Cartel who ‘owned’ her. Her lack of speech served to unnerve her opponents giving her more opportunity to discern their weaknesses. Also kept unwarranted attention from coming her way. Unlike the chatty warrior who she acknowledged as a sound rival she was not fighting for money, but rather to earn more trust and freedom to locate the item that would clear her name from a transgression perpetrated by her parents.

Hark and Silence are both from the Clan Sath, and while you learn very little of what that actually pertains to in this novella I’m certain it is one of several unanswered questions that will be fully fleshed out in the full length novels of the Dragon King series. However, it is apparent that the Dragon Kings’ are known for being fierce warriors. And with both characters being fueled by a passion for what they do and are, their quick and steamy romance is something that leaves you wanting to follow these two far past the last page of this story.

To give any more details would possibly spoil the experience of reading this title so I will summarize in stating that I found this story a pleasant read. The action scenes were clearly detailed and well executed. The romance between the hero and heroine, though rushed, worked well in the pacing of the story’s plot and was not shy on emotions formulating their deep connection. My favorite part of Hark and Silence’s relationship was the clever and snarky dialogue between them. Several parts had me laughing out loud as well as a semi-permanent grin plastered on my face.

If you are interested in Piper’s Dragon King series, and you like a lot of action coupled with your paranormal romance I can easily suggest you pick up this title.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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