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Saturday, November 16, 2013

ARC Review: Flirting With Danger by Claire Baxter

Flirting with Danger is a short and sweet Contemporary Romance from Claire Baxter. This story was cute and I mostly enjoyed it. There were things that I both liked and didn't like though, and those kept me from being able to love this story. Even though I liked both of the main characters, I was looking for more of a connection between these two and I just didn't really feel the chemistry between them. I just feel like there was something missing with this one for me.

Jasmine is a firefighter and grew up with her dad and four brothers. She has always been one of the guys and since a devastating break-up she has been content to not date and remain single. But when she attends her friends wedding, she ends up kissing the last person she ever thought she would and for very good reason. Aaron is not only a coworker of Jasmine's, but he is also a womanizer who cannot commit. But when they kiss after the wedding, both of them begin to really see the other as not only a coworker anymore, and both struggle with what this new attraction means. They start spending more time together outside of work, but both of them fight a relationship with the other. Aaron also has some issues from the past that have had an affect on how he handles relationships. With the growing feelings between Aaron and Jasmine, there are many obstacles that stand in their way. Can they overcome everything and risk letting each other in?

I liked Aaron. Despite the fact that he has a reputation for being a player, you could tell that he was a great guy. He also seemed to have a reputation that had was exaggerated and wasn't entirely true. He helped kids in his spare time, and really seemed to be doing it for the right reasons. But I really liked seeing him realize his feelings for Jasmine and I loved that he would go over to her house and help her out while getting to know her rather than just try and take her out and charm her. I liked Jasmine for the most part. I thought it was great that she followed her dreams of being a firefighter and that she wasn't your typical girly girl. I loved that she told Aaron exactly what she thought and wasn't afraid to be herself. I wish there had been more sexual attraction and chemistry between them though. The only real connection they had was the few times that they kissed, and the rest of the time they spent fighting each other and changing their minds constantly. The relationship just didn't seem to really develop to me and I found it pretty unrealistic considering that this wasn't a New Adult book. I think some of that is expected with a younger age group, but these characters felt a little bit immature for being older.

Overall, I felt this story was for the most part a cute and enjoyable read. These characters are nice and likable, but I wish that they had been given more depth and that their connection to each other could have been stronger. I felt that in this case, the fact that there was no sex in this book was really a hindrance to the story. I think that we would have seen more of a connection and growing relationship between Aaron and Jasmine if there would have been more physical interactions between the two of them. I also didn't think that the title was very fitting of the story as there really wasn't much danger to speak of until the end of the story, besides that alluded to in respect to their profession. I did enjoy watching them get to know each other and realize that they didn't know everything about each other. There were assumptions on both of their parts, and it was nice to see them sort of figure out that there was more underneath the surface. I think that this story is a quick and sweet read that most will find to be enjoyable. It ends with an HEA and there is no cliffhanger, and I think a lot of romance fans will appreciate that. But if you are looking for a strong connection with a lot of romance and steam, then this is probably not the book for you.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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