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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Ask For It by Selena Blake

Ask For It is the first book I have ever read by Selena Blake, and as much as I wanted and tried to love this one I just couldn't. I had a few problems with this story and unfortunately as much as I really liked the characters, this book just wasn't what I had hoped for. I was excited to read this story after having read the blurb, and I thought that it had a ton of potential to be one that I would really love. I think that these characters are interesting and likable though, and I did enjoy reading about them.

JJ Fairchild is a sports journalist who flips houses with her brother in her spare time. Having been homeless when she was a child until her mother married her step-dad, she has some issues when it comes to money and all that comes with it. For the past several years, she has lusted after and been attracted to NFL star Trevor Wyatt. Even though he has made no secret of the fact that he is also attracted to her, she has turned him down every time he has tried to ask her out. She refuses to be another one of his bimbos or a notch on his bedpost. But an accident causes him to leave football behind. A chance encounter a year later causes them both to act on the attraction they have always felt. JJ and Trevor are soon spending more time together and realizing that they have more than just chemistry together. As they begin a relationship, they both have a lot of issues that keep them from being able to fully trust the other. Will they be able to share their secrets with each other and have a relationship together, or will their issues keep them from ever being able to trust each other enough to move forward with a future together?

Even though I had some problems with this story, the one problem I didn't have was with the characters. I really liked Trevor. He was confident and sexy, while also being sweet and thoughtful. I loved how he really payed attention to JJ and would do nice things for her just because he wanted to. I loved what a great guy Trevor was and how he had such a strong relationship with his brothers and mom even though they weren't his biological family. It really showed how family is what we make it rather than just what we are born into. I also loved how the boys and Trevor would help their mom out with chores and didn't complain. Momma Wyatt definitely raised her boys right! I also liked JJ. I thought that she was a great friend and was caring and strong. You could tell that she had some issues from her childhood, but she didn't let those stand in her way. Towards the end there was a time when she stood up to some reporters and her boss when she was defending Trevor, and I loved how she handled everything! It was nice to see a heroine really stand up for her man. JJ and Trevor had a lot of chemistry, but I felt like there was very little steam. I was hoping for more hot scenes between them than we got, and I think that hurt my belief in their connection. I did believe that they cared about each other, but I just wasn't feeling as though their connection was that strong. It seemed like they definitely had the lust and sexual tension part, but the emotional portion and real love between them just seemed to be rushed and I found it a bit lacking.

I really liked the secondary characters. I thought that they all added a lot to the story and I found them all to be interesting as well as Trevor and JJ. I did however have a problem with how much the story focused on JJ's friend Cindy and her boyfriend Adam at times. I felt like there were times that it really distracted the reader from the story and I couldn't understand what they had to do with where the story was going. I also thought the story had some flow problems. There were times that the story really seemed to drag and were drawn out more than they should have been. It really had me wanting to put the book down and walk away at times rather than keep me interested in turning the pages. I think part of the problem was that the POV would switch from character to character with absolutely no warning. It was confusing, and half the time I spent trying to figure out what was going on and where, and who we were focusing on. I also didn't care for the ending. I felt as though the book was long and had worked up to quite the ending, and then the author just abruptly stops. It left me reeling. I couldn't believe that was it. I kept thinking I had to be missing something, but there wasn't anything else. All in all, this book had its enjoyable moments and the characters were all interesting and easy to like. But I just thought that it didn't live up to the promise of what could have been a great book. I think that there are contemporary romance fans who will get a lot of enjoyment out of this story and find it to be a good read. But for my personal taste, this book was unmemorable and the problems with the story were just too much to come back from.

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