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Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Double Full is the first book I have read by Kindle Alexander, so I wasn't sure what exactly to expect. If this book is anything to go by though, I will be reading anything and everything by Kindle Alexander that I can get my greedy little hands on! This book was fantastic. It had everything that you could possibly hope for in a romance, and I absolutely loved every word of it. This story made me experience so many different emotions, and I felt so connected to these characters. I absolutely didn't want it to end, and I was extremely sad to not get more of Jace and Colton. I can only hope that we get more of them in the next book in the Nice Guy Series by Alexander.

Colton appears to have it all. He is the quarterback of his college team and is looking to be a first round draft pick in the upcoming draft for the NFL. The one thing he is missing though is the perfect relationship. He has admired Jace from afar for several years, but as a football star on his way up he knows there is absolutely no way he can come out. He would never be accepted by the NFL even if it wasn't impossible because of his father and agent. But one night in the locker room Colt finds that he can not stay away from Jace. The two hook-up and it is beyond anything either one of them has ever experienced. They take a secret spring break trip together and share a passion filled week together. But after they return and are found out, Colt is forced to leave Jace behind in order to protect him. Ten long years later, they are both extremely successful. Colt is still a quarterback in the NFL, and Jace has a world class gym where he trains all-star cheerleaders. Neither one of them has ever been able to forget the other though and they both still long for the relationship they wanted together. Colt decides that it is time to take control of his life and leaves the fiance he loathes before their wedding can take place. He is determined to win Jace back and sets out to find him. When Jace and Colt reconnect there are a lot of hurt feelings between them, but there is still the connection they once shared. Jace and Colt realize that they both still love each other and are committed to making a relationship work this time. But there are still many obstacles that stand in their way. Can they possibly have the relationship they dreamed of?

I loved both Colt and Jace. They were both hot and sexy and extremely built with them being athletes. Colt was confident when it came to some things like his athletic skills, and yet he was scared to come out and be who he really was. I loved how even though he made a mistake and let Jace believe that he didn't want him, he was doing it to protect Jace. The reasons might not have been right, but Colt thought he was doing what he had to for Jace. I also love how he made himself vulnerable when it came to winning back Jace. He opened up to him and really put himself out there because he was so determined to prove himself. Jace was confident and sweet. I really liked how he was proud and unafraid, and was never anything but himself. These two were so sweet together and you could tell how deep their feelings were. Their love and connection was undeniable and I really enjoyed watching as they began to develop their relationship. Jace and Colt really balanced each other out and they were perfect for each other. Beyond that though these two had so much chemistry and attraction between them, I was sure that my Kindle might explode at any point. Their scenes were sexy and steamy, and they were so well written. I couldn't get enough of Colt and Jace together!

Overall, this book is fabulous! This is definitely my favorite M/M romance that I have ever read hands down. The characters are deep and interesting, the sex is hot, and the story makes you experience so many different emotions. I was happy one minute and my heart was breaking the next, but I knew that Colt and Jace were meant to be and that they had to get their HEA. There was no other option, and I just had to hope that the author would get us there. In the end I was extremely happy about how things went for Colt and Jace, but I wasn't ready to be done with them. I felt so invested in these characters, and felt really connected to them so I was sad the book was over even though I loved it all. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book in this series and I hope that we get more of not only Jace and Colt but also more of Mitch. I am really curious about him and I can't wait to get to know him better! Double Full is a story that I know will be one of my all-time favorites and I will definitely re-read it many times in the future. I highly recommend that you pick this one up! Jace and Colt will keep you turning the pages and you will absolutely fall in love with them just like I did.

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  1. I love this review! Thank you! You make me want to read! Thank you!