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Sunday, December 15, 2013

ARC Review: Remy by Katy Evans

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of books and/or series where the author gives us not only the heroine's point of view, but also the hero's. I especially love when they give us a whole book or novella with that alternate point of view. I feel like it really allows the reader to connect with the book and also the characters on a level that is deeper than you usually get with only one point of view. So when I heard about Remy by Katy Evans, I absolutely had to read it. I was really intrigued not only because I love his character so much, but also because I thought that it would be really interesting to see his thoughts and feelings when he was black as well as when he was blue.

If you haven't read Real and Mine, you are going to want to read both of those books before starting Remy and also beware of spoilers in this review. In Remy, we get to see things from Remy's point of view that happen in Real and Mine. We also get some new things as well though. Remy starts in the present with Remy and Brooke getting ready for their wedding. This is their second wedding, not the first one that they did at city hall. We then alternate between the past and present for the rest of the story. We get to see many scenes from Real and Mine as we never saw them before. Experiencing them as Remy does. Although Remy does not give us a ton of new material, we are left with Brooke and Remy in a very satisfying spot.

I continue to love Remy. He is definitely one of my favorite book heroes that I have ever read. It was really nice to see some of his thoughts and feelings. I feel like we get to know Remy better than we did before. It was really nice to see how he experienced many of the big events in his and Brooke's relationship. You could really tell just how far he was willing to go for Brooke and how deeply he cared for her. He was totally alpha and I love how absolutely possessive he is of Brooke. He would do anything to protect her. But he is also really vulnerable and because of his past, he struggles with accepting that he deserves happiness. It really added so much to this series to see exactly how low he got and at other times how high he would go. I think the reader was able to understand so much more of why he did and said the things he did because of getting this insight into him. It was also nice to see more of all our favorite characters in this series, and begin to see where Katy Evans is taking them in the future.

I did however have a few problems that kept me from being able to rate this one higher. I felt like Remy was like Mine when it came to the problem of repetition. There was just so much that was said and done multiple times that it really took away from the story. It really made me want to skip over parts because I just didn't want to keep reading the same things over and over. I also thought that there were times that Remy's thoughts and feelings sounded the same or very similar to Brooke's from the previous books. It just seemed as though they were written the exact same way, and there wasn't much to differentiate between the two different POVs. Besides the repetition and the similar POVs though, I also felt like there really wasn't a lot of new material. I realize that this was never meant to be a complete new story, and that we were mostly getting his POV of the previous books. But I was hoping to get a bit more new and original content than we got. I think that fans of this series will enjoy seeing more of Remy and some new material. This does add to the series and despite the problems I had, I am glad that I read it. Remy absolutely makes it worth it. I am interested to read the next couple of books in this series though, and I am excited that we will be getting more of different characters. It will be nice to get some new and fresh material while hopefully still getting to see some of our favorites.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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