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Monday, December 16, 2013

ARC Review: One Wild Night by Magan Vernon

One Wild Night is the first portion of a six part serial by Magan Vernon. I was originally drawn to this story by its beautiful cover. I absolutely loved it! But after reading the blurb, I really wanted to read this one because it sounded like a really fun read. I haven't really read many serials, because the thought of being left in the middle of something and having to wait for each installment is almost enough to kill me. But after reading this first installment, I am glad that I gave this one a shot and I am looking forward to seeing where Magan Vernon takes Wes and Valerie.

Valerie Wilder is in Vegas for her job as a PR assistant. When the girls she works with get some tickets to a contest for the best abs in Vegas, Valerie is looking forward to spending the night checking out some hot guys. But when Valerie and her friends end up judging the contest she comes face to face with the hot stripper and contestant Wild Wild Wes. Wes ends up winning the contest and everyone goes to celebrate after. Wes and Valerie end up spending some time together while drinking and the next thing they know, they are running off to get married. Valerie wakes the next morning and at first doesn't remember what happened, but after she finally does she is determined to get a quickie divorce. But since neither her nor Wes are residents of Nevada, they are forced to go to either state they are from in order to file. Valerie and Wes decide to head to Valerie's home in Illinois in order to get it taken care of. Valerie is convinced that a marriage to Wes will never work. Wes however seems to be more optimistic. What will happen when they get to Illinois and start living together? Will they end up getting the divorce, or will their quickie marriage end up becoming real?

I liked Wes a lot. Even though he is a stripper, he was really only doing it to make money after his parents kicked him out of the house. He wants to pursue a career as a musician and was just briefly stopping in Vegas on his way to LA. I liked that he was nice and sweet to not only Valerie, but to everyone he seemed to interact with. He was extremely charming and seemed like a down to earth good southern guy. I am not quite sure where I stand as far as Valerie goes yet. I liked her at times, but then at other times I had some issues with her. I think that she seems like she is a little too uptight, but then at other times she seems to just let go and have some fun. I understand that waking up married was a huge shock for her and that she was struggling with that, but at times she was a little bit mean and degrading to Wes. I didn't care for that side of her, but I do understand that part of that is just because of her situation. Wes and Valerie do have good chemistry together though. Even though there wasn't a ton of physical interaction, I enjoyed the ones there were and thought that they were steamy. I feel like we don't really get to know either Wes or Valerie very much since this part is so short, but I am excited to see more of them as their story progresses.

Overall, I thought that this was definitely a promising start to this serial. I am looking forward to reading more about Wes and Valerie and I can't wait to find out what happens with them. I hope that as we get more into this story that Valerie changes a bit and stops treating Wes the way she did in this one. One minute she is bitchy to him and about him and the next she is taking advantage of how hot he is and the fact that they are married. I also hope that she stops with her constant mentioning of the fact that no guys have ever wanted more than sex from her because she is a "thick girl". I like that she is real and that she is not model thin. I know that there are guys out there who judge things like that, but there are also plenty of guys out there who like a woman for who she is and not her body type. Wes seems to like her as she is, and I hope that she realizes that sooner rather than later. I recommend giving this serial a shot if you are looking for a fun romance read. I am looking forward to the next portion of this serial and can't wait to see what Valerie and Wes are up to next.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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