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Thursday, December 12, 2013

ARC Review: Some Like it Sinful by Robbie Terman

Although the “fake relationship” storyline has been done before. Robbie Terman gave it a very unique and interesting twist.

Chloe Nelson is finally able to make her dreams come true and open up her own bakery-Happy Endings. She is very happy about the results and very confident that it will be successful because she is a talented baker. Her one little problem is that competition opens up right across the street. How can she can the public to pay attention to her bakery and not the popular chain across the street?

Griffin is the captain for the hockey team the Razors. One crazy night of partying he gets into trouble. As part of his agreement he has to do hours of community service. Sylvia the assistant district attorney is sisters with Chloe. She makes a deal with Griffin he can complete his community service at Happy endings. Griffin is less than thrilled but decides that it is bettern than going to jail. Chloe is also less than thrilled to have Griffin at the store but realizes that he will bring much needed publicity to her bakery.

Chloe and Griffin have great chemistry. He is the typical self confident, handsome, athlete. She is the girl next door. Nothing to out the ordinary but she provides Griffin with the challenge that he needs. When news of Griffin, the captain of the Razor’s spreads the team comes up with the idea that Chloe and Griffin should pretend to date. They explain that Chloe needs the attention and the Razors, a teaming that is continuously losing, needs a romantic story to get more fanfare.

As Chloe and Griffin’s relationship intensifies they share a very intimate moment in the locker room and Griffin ends up performing better than ever on the rink. Chloe and Griffin both realize that their relationship provides mutual benefits but they both have conditions. They will be in a committed relationship until either the team finishes its season or until he completes his community hours.

What follows is that both Chloe and Griffin fall in love with each other and provide each other with what they have both been searcing for the entire time since they met. This was a very sweeet and romantic story! I would re-read it and recommend it to anyone!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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