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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ARC Review: The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

At this point, I am a huge fan of Lauren Blakely's. Every time I see something new by her, I add it to my ever growing TBR list regardless of what it is about. The Thrill of It was no exception. The first time I saw the cover, I absolutely fell in love with it. It is beautiful, and I knew that I would like the book just because of the author. I will admit that as I started reading this book, everything about is different from what Lauren Blakely has written before. This one is completely original and it was nice to read something different while still getting that great writing style that I have come to know and love from Blakely. For me, this story took awhile to draw me in. But I knew that I was going to love Harley and Trey and I am so glad that I gave this one a shot and got to know them.

Harley has not had an easy life. She was raised by her mother who treated her like a sister or friend. Her mother was constantly parading different boyfriends around and had a problem with over-sharing. Harley turned to one of her mother's sources, Cam in order to gain the control of her life and has viewed love and sex as nothing but a game ever since. Cam helped Harley turn into a high priced escort with strict rules and guidelines. Even though Harley is a call girl, she is still a virgin. When one of her client's wives finds out about her, she begins to blackmail Harley. As a part of the blackmail, Harley begins to attend meetings for those addicted to sex and love. One day at a meeting, Harley runs into Trey. Trey had given Harley a tattoo and the two spent the night together doing pretty much everything except having actual sex. Now that they have run into each other again, they decide to be friends as they are both in recovery. But Harley and Trey have an instant connection, and their feelings quickly change from more than just attraction to something deeper. Can Trey and Harley heal from their pasts and leave them behind? Can two people who have used love and sex as a way to cope, find true love together?

I loved Trey. He was sweet and supportive and extremely sexy. A hot tattoo artist covered in tattoos, there is just something about him that instantly draws you in. But he is so much more beyond that. I loved how great he was with Harley. He was always there for her and he was a great friend to her before they really started to act on their feelings. I loved how he just knew her and what she needed. I thought that Trey was the perfect guy for Harley and I think that he was exactly what she needed. They were a great balance for each other and the fact that they had such a strong friendship really seemed to be the perfect foundation for a relationship between two people who were healing. I liked Harley. I thought that she was a great friend and even though she was damaged, she was definitely a survivor. She was determined to keep going no matter what life seemed to deal her. I thought that she gave her mother too much slack at first, but you could tell that she really tried to see the best in her even when her mother didn't deserve it. I thought that Trey and Harley seemed extremely real and believable to me. They had a lot of chemistry and were really hot together. I loved watching them admit their feelings and really start to develop a relationship. There were times that I was worried about how these two damaged and broken people could possibly have something real and lasting. But as the story progressed you could really tell that they weren't a liability for each other, but they were growth and balance, and a wonderful support system for each other to lean on.

Overall, I really ended up enjoying this story. It did take me awhile to get into this one and I thought that the beginning was a bit slow and drawn out. But I am so glad that this one picked up and I kept reading, because Trey and Harley are definitely characters that are easy to fall in love with. I am excited to see where their story goes from here. The Thrill of It is not one of those stories that has a lot of sex and steam right off, but I think that their connection was stronger because we had to wait for it. Harley and Trey had a lot of healing and growth to do, and we have only seen the beginning. This book does end with a cliffhanger and we are left unsure of what will happen next. I can't wait to read the next book that is in this series to get more of Harley and Trey. I also really liked Harley's and Trey's friends and I can't wait to see what happens with those two as well. Lauren Blakely continues to write wonderful stories, and every single time proves why she has become one of my favorite authors. If you haven't read anything by her, you are really missing out. I highly recommend that you pick up this book and give it a shot. The Thrill of It is about love and romance, but it is also about how we deal with things from our pasts and the pain we sometimes experience. It is a story about growth and about finding love sometimes in a place where you least expect it. I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel, Every Second With You, until it is released.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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