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Sunday, January 18, 2015

ARC Review: Wicked Wolf by Carrie Ann Ryan

With every new book Carrie Ann Ryan puts out I have a new favorite. As the last and the first book of the series Wicked Wolf is the transition book that wraps up the Redwood Pack and kicks off the Talon Pack. If you have not read the Redwood Pack this is the book where you need to pick up with the story arc wrapped up for the previous series and the foreshadowing of the upcoming turmoil in the next.

Gina Eaton inherited her mother’s powers, and is one of the few true half breeds half witch-half wolf; however that doesn’t get in the way of her power and strength as a wolf if anything it just made her stronger to the point that she is goddess blessed as the Redwood Packs next Enforcer. Gina lost her parents during the war with the Central Pack and was adopted by the Alpha family; she has known loss and love from two sets of parents and has grown up a well balanced adult.

Quinn Weston grew up in the dysfunctional Talon Pack and only the past few decades has been trying to catch up with the times and not be antiquated. Quinn knew love or at least he thought he did, he mated with a woman and she bore him a son, but she wasn’t cut out to be a mother and a wife and she left using a dark witch to cut the bond almost killing her son. Now five years later Jesse is barely hanging on even with the help of Hannah, the Redwood Pack healer, he might not make it.

Gina and Quinn are charged with heading the committee to harmonize the two packs so that another devastating war between packs will not happen again but the underlining tension between them is palpable. Quinn is hesitant to mate again and the fact that Gina is half witch just makes him want to resist more, but the big ass that he is breaks Gina instead of a gentle let down. Balling my eyes out all the while Gina does too she lets her family comfort her then she stands up and shows no weakness determined to move on. The news that a new mating bond maybe just the thing to save little Jesse cements the bond between Quinn and Gina; and despite what has happened Gina agrees to a mating to save Jesse. Everyone is safe and content until Quinn’s former mate shows up again wanting back in the pack her son and her mate.

I typically don’t like book that make me cry but Carrie Ann Ryan has the ability to write a story that makes me laugh, bite my nails in anticipation, and fan myself from the steam coming from the book and it wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t rip my heart out stomp on it a little then put it back in and kiss it and make it better. Carrie Ann Ryan will play your heart strings like a harpsichord and I love it.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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