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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ARC Review: Wicked White by Michelle A. Valentine

Wicked White is the first book in a new series by Michelle A. Valentine. I had never read anything by her before, but I had heard great things and I love rockstar romance stories so I really wanted to read this one. While I did enjoy this book and I liked the characters, I did have a few things that didn't work for me and that kept this one from being a great story to me. I am curious to see what happens next in the series though, and I am interested to find out more about the next book. 

Ace White is tired of the celebrity lifestyle that being in the popular band Wicked White has brought him. When his mother suddenly dies, he decides enough is enough and takes off with his only goal being to hide from the world. He finds himself in an old trailer park that has seen better days, and thinks it will be the perfect place to avoid his life. But he doesn't expect to be so drawn to the woman that runs the place. Iris Easton is an aspiring singer and inherited the place along with all it's debts when her grandmother recently passed away, and she finds herself instantly drawn to Ace. But Ace is doing everything he can to keep her at arm's length and avoid her or anyone else finding out who he really is. But soon Ace finds himself unable to stay away from her anymore and they both begin to fall for one another. But what happens when the truth comes out? 

I liked both Ace and Iris. They were a great fit together, and I thought that they had a lot of chemistry. I loved that they were interested in each other without everything else getting in the way. Iris wanted Ace for him and she had no idea at first who he was. Ace was so much more that what everyone saw, and it was really great to see him open up to Iris and let her see the real him. They had so much more in common than you would first think, and I loved seeing how supportive they were of one another. Ace was protective and caring, sticking up for her even when he pretended to not like her. Iris could handle herself and I really liked that, but I also liked seeing her let Ace in and allow him to be there for her too. It was so good to see a different type of hero in Ace, one that wanted a good girl and that was deep and emotional. Ace was so different from any other hero I have read, and I really loved him.

I will say that I thought that their relationship progressed really quickly, and that didn't bother me as much as I expected it to. What did bother me was the fact that because of how quickly their relationship started, I knew something big was coming that would change everything. Then this big thing happened, and the sweet and sexy relationship and story took a turn to nothing but drama and angst. I wasn't overly happy with how things were playing out, and I felt like it was so unlike how the characters should have reacted. It was as if everything we had learned about these two up to this point was suddenly negated and they became different personalities completely. Then when things finally start to work themselves out, this one abruptly ended. I wanted more and was left wondering what would happen next. I have tried to find more information on the next book, but so far all I can find is that it is titled Wicked Reunion and slated for a December 2015 release. I don't know if it will continue Iris and Ace's story, or if it will be about other characters from this book. I am hoping that it will give us more of these two though, as their story felt unfinished to me. I think if you are a fan of Michelle's or like rockstar stories that are different, then this one is worth giving a shot. But with how this one ended and not knowing if there is more coming, I am not sure I would start this one until more information on the series is released.

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