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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ARC Review: A Gentleman's Guide to Scandal by Kathleen Kimmel

Colin and Elinor have known each other for years. They bicker quite often and absolutely don't seem to suit in any way. So it surprises Colin when he realizes he has fallen for Elinor. Unfortunately for the poor sap, right before he is about to propose, his plans are thwarted, So he hardens his heart to the reality that she can never be his.

Years later, Elinor is on the brink of being a spinster, and is helping Colin's younger sister find a husband during the Season. Colin's family has some bad history that they are all trying to work through, and Elinor falls into the search for answers. This puts Elinor and Colin in closer proximity, and they must work together to figure out the past and exact vengeance.

This romance started off a bit slow and boring, but it definitely picked up around 30% to 35%. I hated Colin's drinking problem. I understand the need for some inebriating distraction, but this guy was an extreme alcoholic. I think that should have been downplayed a little. There were some predictable parts to the story, but Kathleen Kimmel still turned me around a time or too which was great. The romance is strong, and I did like that it got a bit exciting here and there.

I very much enjoyed this read and only didn't give it a five star rating because of the slow beginning. I'm glad I pushed through it because the rest of the book was everything I look for in a historical romance. You do not have to read the prior books in the series, but they were both great as well so I say go for it! I hope to see the next in this series soon. I have no idea who it would feature, though! Oh the suspense!

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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed this book, more than the novella in this series, A Debutante's Guide to Rebellion. I will be posting my review in a couple weeks and will link to this! ~Heather @ The Maiden's Court