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Thursday, July 14, 2016

ARC Review: Dominating Red by Kristin Miller

Look, I probably have no business giving this book 4 stars but just let me explain. I'M NASTY. Hard stop. Hey, that's all I got. I like the steamy/freaky ish and this was definitely that. Can I be honest? I can barely locate a plot here because there are so few pages. But I still enjoyed the brief experience.

I know this book picks up where the last one left off. Something is afoot in the it a pack? Anyway, somebody has been stealing or doing something unsavory with the packs business and Reaper is still on the case but while he is out howling at the moon or whatever, Ivy is with Lukas. With Lukas, naked. As offensive as I find a heroine who goes from one bed to another in less than the time it takes me to make a casserole, Ivy and Lukas together is HAWT. I'm not sure which was hotter, the Reaper hookup, or the Lukas hookup. What I am sure of is that this series should be read with a glass of ice water near by. There is a lot of ho hum sex scenery going around. I appreciate Ms. Miller for blowing the lid off that trend.

A few side notes: Grandma pack leader, the Omega, she is still around. She worked my last good nerve. Ivy has to pick a mate after her wild bang fest. She's in near impossible position so she seeks guidance from Grandma Omega. Grandma is supposed to be super wise with even extra intuition but her advise SUCKED. I don't know why this stuck out in my mind so much but it did. I'm also really curious about what Ivy is working with below the belt. On her first time out of the gate she captured not one but two alphas. I don't read a lot of shifter books so I'm not sure how common that is but it seems pretty non-standard.

If you are already into this series, the fun continues in this book. Don't read these books out of order because they are still just really parts to one long book. If you like the super hot stuff, start at the beginning because this is the series for you.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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