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Thursday, July 7, 2016

ARC Review: The Summer Bride by Anne Gracie

A heart-stopping conclusion to the Chance Sisters series! I read The Spring Bride and fell in love with Anne Gracie's writing. I then quickly read The Autumn Bride and The Winter Bride and found myself impatiently awaiting this gem, The Summer Bride. I'm so very glad it did not disappoint!

Born a foundling with no knowledge of her parents, Daisy Chance had a hard childhood. She worked in a brothel as a cleaning girl, and she was instrumental to the escape of not only herself but two other girls there. They met up with another older sister and through amazing circumstances found themselves the adopted nieces of Lady Beatrice. With her prospects looking upwards, Daisy has allowed herself to try for her dreams and ambitions of becoming the most sought after modiste in London.

Patrick Flynn is a recent acquaintance of Daisy in that he is partnered with her brother-in-law at his trading company. He is a hardworking Irishman who built his business up from the ground and is now very wealthy. He seeks a marriage into the aristocracy. Daisy has made many clothing items for him, but Flynn starts noticing she is overworking herself. So he seeks to give her a little business advice.

Of course this bristles up dear Daisy hitting her pride. However, this couple is the perfect match, and they both have a lot of soul searching to find out not just what they really want but what they really need. Daisy is every bit the strong and independent woman that today's readers will love, and Flynn is so very charming and genuine. We don't see a whole lot of cameos from the previous books' protagonists which was a little disappointing, but of course that doesn't take away from this story.

I absolutely adored this entire quartet and I highly recommend to all lovers of historical romance! I suggest starting with The Autumn Bride to fully appreciate the trials these girls went through but it isn't completely necessary. As I said before I read them a bit out of order myself. Anne Gracie does such a lovely job. I'm excited to see what she may have in store for us in the future, and until then I will be catching up on her earlier works.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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