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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ARC Review: Dirty Little Lies by Lora Leigh

I went back and checked, this is the 3rd book in this series. It is marketed as a standalone. Maybe it is but I couldn't tell. There were so many characters in this book and such a complex plot, that I really don't recommend you try to follow it without reading the first two books in the series. I didn't start the series at the beginning, I started with this book and I spent nearly the entire book trying to sort everything out. I couldn't even follow all the terminology being used because I was so busy trying to sort out who was trying to kill who and who was on whose side.

So here is what I can tell you: The couple in this book are Zack and Grace. Zack and Grace have known one another for years but both have hidden who they really are from each other. They have really been hiding their identities from every one around them to protect family secrets and alliances. Because of something her Mother did, Grace finds herself in grave danger. The only way Zack can protect her is to reveal who he really is. The problem is that who Zack really is turns out to be a grade A jerk.

Grace has gotten by and remained safe by pretending to be weak and innocent. In reality, Grace is well trained in self defense, is highly intelligent and is the inner circle of the government funded militia run by her family. Grace has had to deal with people assuming she is weak her entire life. She does not take too kindly at all to getting that treatment from Zack. Zack believes he needs to protect Grace. He is partially correct but he doesn't appreciate Grace's own abilities. The two wind up being enemies with an intense attraction to one another that is constantly boiling over.

I think there is a good story in here somewhere. But for me, I felt perpetually lost in all the intrigue and emerging plots. I'm actually going to try to read the series from the beginning, I suggest you do the same.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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