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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ARC Review: Hard to Hold by Katie Rose

Hard to Hold is a spinoff of Katie Rose’s Bad Boys of Summer series. Here we have New Jersey’s soccer team The Hurricanes. This first book is focused on Logan Hart and Isabella Bennett, if you have read the Bad Boys of Summer the last name Hart should ring a bell. Logan is one of Jessica Hart’s, from The Heat of the Moment, many athletic brothers. In fact we see Jessica and Gavin as well as a few of the other characters from the other series in this book. Like her other books Katie Rose has created a team that needs work, they are a talented bunch but their arrogance, egos and sport politics are getting in the way; there are some I really look forward to reading about. I liked the book it is just as good as her other series, romance with a touch of heart break and misunderstanding and where insta-lust quickly turns into love. I really liked the characters, Logan is supposed to be a playboy but you really don’t see it but he is used to getting his way and woman falling at his feet. Isabella has a strong enough personality that she easily proved she has what it takes to not just handle Logan but everything that comes with it.

Logan just returned from playing a year on the European circuit, he’s glad to be back home and playing for The Hurricanes. But one one-night stand before he left to Europe and now he’s a Daddy. The poor baby girl, Cinnamon, was abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her father. Logan isn’t even sure that baby is his but he takes her anyways, he doesn’t want her to go in to the foster care system. First thing he does is call his sister, Jessica rushes over after buying some essentials and gives him the name of a nanny agency.

Isabella is expecting the worse when she is assigned the job and when she gets there it is pretty much what she expected, Logan is in over his head and the baby is crying. Isabella acts quickly setting Logan straight and taking care of the baby. Isabella is however surprised when Logan takes to being a dad like a duck to water. He is eager to learn even when the whole mess is still unresolved, Logan isn’t sure of Cinnamon’s paternity and her mom has vanished. Logan at a loss of what to do he asks his Dad for advice, Logan then hires a PI to track down Cinnamon’s Mom. All the while Logan is falling more in love with Cinnamon as well as her nanny, Isabella. Isabella has fallen in love with the both of them too but she has a secret one that ruined her last relationship and Isabella is afraid to commit to anything with Logan for fear that he will find her lacking for it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The romance between Logan and Isabella is nice and little baby Cinnamon is sweetheart. Logan isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong or even to apologize and Isabella well she has issues to work out. I look forward to more.          

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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