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Saturday, October 15, 2016

ARC Review: Touching Down by Nicole Williams

Touching Down is my first Nicole Williams book. I am such a sucker for sports romance stories, and this one sounded like something that I would absolutely love. I have to admit that at times I really struggled here though and ultimately was left with mixed feelings on the story. 

Grant and Ryan loved each other, but just when it looked like their happy ending was in reach, Ryan disappeared. Heartbroken and alone, Grant threw himself into the game and became a name everyone knew. Just as he thinks that he has finally been able to move on, Ryan reappears and changes everything for him once again. 

I really loved Grant! He was amazing and I really felt for him. I did have some problems with Ryan though. I hated some of the decisions that she made, and the worst was the fact that she wasn't honest with him. So much could have been different, and while I understand some of what her reasons were I don't agree with them. I also felt like Grant forgave her too easily, and I really wanted him to make her work for it. They had chemistry and a connection, but I just didn't really feel fully invested in their relationship. Things didn't really start to progress for me until late in the story and at that point it was kind of a too little too late sort of situation for me.

Overall, I think that this book had a ton of potential and just didn't quite live up to it. There was so much promise for where this book could have gone and unfortunately it just didn't get there for me. I do think that this book had some good moments and there were things that I enjoyed. I am glad I read it, I just wish that a few things would have been a bit different and I could have felt more of the romance earlier on for me. There were a few unrealistic things as well, and those kept me from loving this book. I would read more from Nicole Williams though, and I think that this is worth taking the chance on if it sounds like something you might like.

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