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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ARC Review: Intended for Bristol by L.P. Dover

Intended for Bristol is the 9th standalone story in the Second Chances series from L.P. Dover. Though I am a huge fan of hers, I have never read any of the previous books in this series. While I have loved everything I have read from Dover previously, if I am honest this book just didn't fully work for me. While there were things I liked here, overall I had mixed feelings and this was my least favorite of Dover's books that I have read to date. 

Jaxon Reed is infamous for being a player both on and off the field. While he knows he has earned his reputation, that doesn't stop him from wanting to get back at his fellow teammates by going after the quarterback's sister. Bristol Thomas usually avoids guys like Jaxon, yet she finds herself unable to deny the attraction she feels to him. Soon Jaxon's revenge fling with Bristol turns into more than either of them expected, but can it possibly be something that lasts forever?

I will admit that a huge part of my issues here were with the characters. I found it hard to ever really warm up to either of them, and that had me struggling the whole way through this story. Jaxon was a total player that was also a jerk at times. While he did change his ways, it didn't ever feel as though we ever really saw the evolution of his character. It all felt surface deep and as though things just happened with the flip of a switch. I think part of that was because this was a huge case of insta-love and it was hard to really see them as having truly fallen for one another. I also didn't understand either of these two and their decisions/motivation. While I thought that they had chemistry, I just wasn't ever able to connect with them and that had a huge effect on how much I enjoyed the story.

Overall, this one wasn't my favorite from L.P. Dover. I normally love her books, and this one just didn't feel like her. I felt as though a lot of this story was spent with too many details being told to the reader about previous characters in the series, and I would have liked the focus to have been more on Jaxon and Bristol. I think I might have been able to like them more had things been different in that regard. Unfortunately this book was just okay, and I am used to Dover's books being great. I probably had too high of expectations when reading this book, but I have always loved everything that I have read from Dover and this one just didn't feel up to what I have come to know from her. If this one sounds like something you would like, I recommend giving it a shot. This one could simply be a case of it being me and not the story itself, and I really do believe that L.P. Dover is a fantastic writer. This won't be the last I read from her.

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