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Sunday, July 23, 2017

ARC Review: Baller Made by Rie Warren

Baller Made is the conclusion to the three part Carolina Crush football romance series. This is the story of Calder and Reggie and it's got some really interesting twist as did all of the books in this series. Calder is on his second chance in the NFL. He blew his first chance by getting caught up in drugs because he could not deal with the death of his brother. Since then Calder has really been punishing himself for so many things. One of the long list of things he has beat himself up over is Reggie.

Reggie is a Vegas showgirl and Calder's widowed sister in law. I wasn't sure how I would feel about Reggie and Calder hooking up but the author does a lot of things to make it more palatable. The most important thing is that Calder was in love with Reggie before his brother. Calder just didn't step up in time to do anything about it. The other thing is that Reggie and Calder's brother's marriage was falling apart completely independent of anything happening with Calder and Reggie. Calder and Reggie's relationship might make you a little uncomfortable but this is fiction so try to use your imagination. Just so you know there is absolutely no cheating in this book. Reggie did not hook up with Calder or even see him in that way until after his brother was totally out of the picture.

Reggie is a really great character. She is just what Calder needs to move forward in every way. Calder needs to accept his feelings for Reggie, reunite with his family and forgive himself. Reggie gives him exactly what he needs to do all of that. Reggie understands how Calder is torn up about his choice. She admits that she doesn't have all the answers but she is brave and she doesn't want to waste her life. Reggie's bravery helps Calder to stop being afraid to do what he really wants to do which is love Reggie.

If you've read any Rie Warren book you know that the books are like chili pepper levels HAWT. This book is no exception. Reggie and Calder burn up the pages. Even when Calder is trying to deny what he wants with Reggie, there is still some scorching hot contact between them. You get to see all the other members of the Carolina Crush from the series that you probably loved wrap up their stories in this book. In fact, the epilogue is split between the three couples that make up the Carolina Crush series. If you didn't read the other books and you start here, there will be spoilers and you will feel like you missed something.  Baller Made is my favorite book of the whole series but the series is all entertainment.

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