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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ARC Review: Irresistible You by Kate Meader

Irresistible You is the first book of Kate Meader’s new sports romance series Chicago Rebels. I like sports romance so much more than actual sports, and I always end up comparing them to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Chicago Stars series because those are some of my absolute favorites. In a way this one reminded me of It Had to be You, that’s not a bad thing there were some of similarities but more than enough to make this a great book on its own. I really enjoy Kate Meader’s books and besides the beginning of the book, which was I little difficult for me to get into it was a really nice romance. I’m probably an oddity here but I don’t like the Cajun accent, for the exception of Gambit from X-Men. Remy, once you get past him acting like a child who isn’t getting his way, is a good ‘ole boy whose momma raised him right. He goes from acting like a petulant child to such a sweetie especially with how he treats Harper, I mean come one homemade muffalleta.

Harper Chase has spent most of her life trying to make her Dad proud; Clifford Chase was not an easy man to please. Upon his death he left his hockey team, the Chicago Rebels, to his three daughters with the stipulation that they have to co-own the team for a year and win the Stanley Cup or lose it. Harper and her sisters haven’t had the best relationship, but they agree to set aside their differences and run the team and try to be sisters as well as owners. Harper has worked from the bottom up trying to show her dad that she has what it takes to run the team, his lack of faith in her is devastating but she has a plan and even though it doesn’t seem like it now she knows what she’s doing. 

Remy DuPre is nicknamed Jinx because every team he has played for almost wins the Stanley Cup he gets traded and then they win. Remy is determined to win this year if only he hadn’t been traded to one of the worst team. As much as he hates it and the fact that he had to blackmailed Harper into trading him again before the cut off and he’ll play along with what she wants him to do, Remy can’t resist Harper. There is something about her that just calls to him he wants to see her with her hair down and relaxed. There is so much more going on that he doesn’t know about that Harper isn’t telling him, but Remy want to understand her. Harper has had experience getting involved with one of the players before and it didn’t end well Harper is afraid to let herself go down that road again even though everything feels right she’s scared of it at the same time.

Overall, once I got into the book and Remy stopped acting like a brat I really enjoyed this one. The sisters are different from each other and it really seems like this is going to be a great series.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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