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Monday, March 12, 2018

Indulge Yourself Event with Virginia Nelson

Virginia Nelson believed them when they said, “Write what you know.” Small town girl writing small town romance, her characters are as full of flaws, misunderstandings, and flat out mistakes as Virginia herself. When she’s not writing or plotting to take over the world, she likes to hang out with the greatest kids in history, play in the mud, drive far too fast, and scream at inanimate objects. Virginia likes knights in rusted and dinged up armor, heroes that snarl instead of croon, and heroines who can’t remember to say the right thing even with an author writing their dialogue. Her books are full of snark, sex, and random acts of ineptitude—not always in that order.

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Top Five High End Beauty Products

Hiya! I’m USA Today bestselling author Virginia Nelson, and I’m probably best known for my Billionaire Dynasty series which includes THE PENTHOUSE PRINCE. You can call me virg, but I have a confession to make.

I’m a makeup addict. It started back when I was a little kid and my mom had those tiny little tubes of Mary Kay lipstick… remember those? Anyway, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and that love has turned into an adult addiction to beauty YouTubers.

Due to that love, I couldn’t resist making my latest billionaire, Foster Boyd—who you can meet in THE FIRSTBORN PRINCE—the owner and heir to the Boyd Cosmetics fortune. He sells makeup, high end stuff, and at one point he even gives the heroine a whole box of goodies which haven’t even hit the market yet.
To tie in with that whole makeup addiction issue, let’s talk about some of my very favorite high end makeup goodies.

5. Hourglass Vanish foundation stick – $46 Sephora – Okay, this sounds crazy… almost fifty bucks for a foundation? I know. But it is awesome. My son makes fun of me sometimes when I put on makeup because it ‘looks like fake skin,’ but this product doesn’t do this. It just makes my skin look ridiculously flawless and airbrushed. So, in my opinion… it is pretty awesome.

4. Olay Luminous Whip Facial Moisturizer – $26 Target – This one isn’t technically high end since you can get it in the drug store, but… it is almost forty bucks in Rite Aid. So that seems high end to me for a moisturizer. This stuff, though. It is all fluffy and magical and it leaves your skin feeling amazing.

3.  Urban Decay Heavy Metal palette – $45 Sephora – You’ll have to search if you want to grab this palette of buttery magical metallic shadows, but if you can find it somewhere… it is amazing. It is so glittery and gorgeous and the color payoff is out of this world. If you add a little primer water… the shine is out of this world.

2. Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping palette – $46 Sephora – Is it for contour? Is it for eyeshadow? Well, I use this magical little palette for just about everything, to be honest. The color payoff is ridiculous, it blends like a dream, and it feels like buttery awesomeness under your touch. I’m not sure there is anything this palette cannot do… well, other than your dishes, but damn girl you’ll look fabulous while you do em if you’re wearing these colors.

1. Diorific Kohl Holiday Limited Edition Lipstick – $38 Dior – I splurged on this for myself because I saw a YouTuber use it. It was crazy—almost $40 on a LIPSTICK? But this color is so beautiful, and it wears for like six hours. It doesn’t feel dry, yet it looks matte. It is powder, but it is not. I have the color Vibrant Tourmaline because that is the only one the Macy’s I visited had… and I have no regrets. Wait, yes I do. I wish I could afford all of them before they’re gone.

I know what you’re thinking… virg, this is a great list of high end makeup and all that, but I’m not rich. I can’t afford all this stuff. I get you, friend. And I want to help. One lucky commenter on this post will get either an Amazon or a Sephora giftcard for $10 from me (winner’s choice) so that they can go out and buy a crazy lippie or maybe one of my books. Whatever makes ya happy. Just tell me… what one crazy thing did you splurge on? Or would you splurge on, given the chance? Are you a makeup addict like me?

xoxo virg

Oh, and if you want to check out my Princes… here’s where you can find them! They’re all on sale for just 99¢!


Boston socialite Morgan Lett is having a run of bad luck. Her fiancé just dumped her for her stepsister, the charity foundation she’s given her life to is in danger of folding, and now, the gorgeous man she bid on and won at a masquerade bachelor auction turns out to be a cold-hearted jerk…and her new employer.

Millionaire Alexander Bishop needs the best wife money can buy. In order to inherit his family business, he must get engaged—fast. And Morgan, with her beauty and pedigree, is the perfect candidate. Her sharp tongue may drive him crazy, but she needs money to save the foundation she loves, and he needs a fiancée. It’s a flawless arrangement—no strings, no love. But soon she has him craving more, and cursing the platonic terms of their agreement.

Still, he won’t allow need—no matter how hot it burns—to threaten everything he’s built.

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Up For Grabs:
  • 1 $10 Amazon or Sephora Gift Card
To Enter:
  • What one crazy thing did you splurge on? Or would you splurge on, given the chance? Are you a makeup addict like me?
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Good Luck!

Special thanks to Virginia Nelson for sponsoring this giveaway.
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  1. Alas, the only makeup I wear is lip gloss - on my lips, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Sounds crazy, but it gives me a little more colour - and I'm not allergic to it like "real" makeup.

    MY splurge (other than books, of course) would be on scrapbooking supplies. They add up quickly, but it's nice to have my own "store" organized here at home so I don't have to go searching when I want something in particular (as embellishments change quickly in stores so aren't available as easily as one would hope). I also use the stickers, etc. for my homemade birthday/anniversary/etc. greeting cards (as I write verses for inside said cards), often with matching or accompanying embellishments all over the envelope and presents themselves too.

    1. Ooh, good one! I am a scrapbook junkie too! I have a whole room set up just for it! :)

  2. I am more of a nail polish junkie than makeup junkie. I probably have about 150 bottles, mostly OPI because it stays on my nails the best. I have tried just about every brand out there at least once, but I am truly a sucker when OPI releases the next line!

  3. I have to say, I must be boring and frugal. I don't/won't splurge on anything.

  4. I get all my makeup from sephora! I love the samples and the point system. I don't wear makeup much anymore. I use to care a lot about putting on a good appearance but now that I'm older, I don't care anymore. Haha. But I always do my lips and eyebrows at least. It just makes me feel better.

  5. I wear Clinique makeup, but I splurge on Dior lipstick. The color lasts a long time.

  6. Books and clothes lately. Lost 60 lbs almost and I like buying clothes n I w. Hopefully I'll get the other 40 lbs gone

  7. I'm not a splurger and I don't wear make-up. Sounds rather dull but there you have it.

  8. I don't splurge on makeup, and I'm not sure if my splurges are crazy. Obviously, I splurge on books - who doesn't? I also splurge on wine and good liquor (when I buy liquor). Most wine gives me a migraine unless it is sulphite free. Life is to short and I'm too old to drink cheap liquor. ;-)

  9. Hot stone massages! Omg! Heaven!💗 totally worth it!

  10. I would splurge on a new John Deere lawn tractor.

  11. I would splurge on a vacation.