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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ARC Review: At Attention by Annabeth Albert

I actually have read this series completely out of order, but after reading Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert, I couldn't wait to read Dustin's brother Dylan's story. Each of the books in the Out of Uniform series is a standalone though, so you can read they in any order though they are interconnected. I enjoyed At Attention as much as I did Wheels Up and I am already anxious to read more in this series. 

Lieutenant Apollo Flores thought that he could handle it all, but after losing his husband and being left alone to raise his twin daughters, he knows he needs help. His best friend's younger brother is back in town and is looking for a place to stay, but Dylan is no longer his friend's kid brother he remembers having a crush on him. With both of them seeing each other in a new light and being around one another more, the attraction between them is more than they can fight. But Apollo will have to let go of his past if he hopes to have any kind of future with Dylan. 

I really liked these two. Seeing them in Wheels Up, I couldn't wait to see how they had got to the point they were. Their story definitely didn't disappoint, and I enjoyed seeing them figure out the attraction between them. I loved that they had some history, and I felt for both of them. Dylan had had a crush on Apollo when he was young, but the feelings only intensified as he got older and seeing him as a man with kids only made Dylan want him more. I felt for him though because Apollo had been married to someone else and had kids and a life with him, and that was hard at times for Dylan to get past. It would make anyone insecure at times and my heart went out to him. Same went for Apollo, having lost a man he loved and the future he thought was his. They each had things to figure out and move past, but I knew that these two were good for one another. Their connection and chemistry were strong, and I knew that they had to make it work because they belonged together. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The characters were great, easy to like and relate to, with several layers to them. I really felt connected to them and invested in their story. I loved Apollo's girls and the way that Dylan was with them. They immediately took to each other, and their relationship was just as special as Dylan's was with Apollo. This series is one that I am really enjoying, and I can't wait to continue. If you like steamy, sweet and emotional M/M romance stories these are definitely books worth checking out, especially if you like sexy military heroes!

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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