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Saturday, October 27, 2018

ARC Review: Cut and Run by Mary Burton

I’ll take Texas Rangers for 500, Alex. This is high in suspense, light on the romance, full of twists and turns, and sisters separated at birth. What is Cut and Run, Alex? Yes! Sorry I have Weird Al’s I lost on Jeopardy stuck in my head. What I love about Mary Burton is her high tension suspense, the plot is just ingenious the separated twin thing has been done before but what she does with it is fantastic. This is her usual style of third person POV alternating from different characters so you get the full story.

Faith McIntyre and Macy Crow couldn’t have grown up more than 100 miles apart and lived very different lives. Faith grew up in a well off family never had to worry about anything made it through med school and became a medical examiner. Macy Crow was raised mostly by her mother with only summertime visits to her father who didn’t always work on the right side of the law. Macy grew up and became a FBI agent. They probably would never have even met if Macy’s father, Jack Crow, hadn’t of died and a young woman hadn’t of gone missing.

Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden is a hard man a widower who never thought he would ever feel again started a no string attached strictly sex relationship with Faith. However when it becomes apparent the Faith is connected to the case and her life is threatened Hayden realizes his feelings go deeper than just lust. Macy comes down from DC for her father’s death but once she gets to her father’s scrap yard she finds out he was murdered to keep him quiet. Before even talking to the police Macy starts asking question it isn’t too long before she ends up in the hospital fighting for her life. Now it’s up to Faith and Hayden to discover the truth about what happened to Jack Crow and figure out the string of clues he left behind.

Overall, fantastic read I didn’t even touch onto half of what is involved in this book because too much would give it away. Lots of unexpected turns and an ending that half surprised me, because you know it’s never just one straight shot answer, it’s never that easy.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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