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Monday, December 31, 2018

ARC Review: No Tomorrow by Carian Cole


I am a huge fan of Carian Cole's. Everything I have read from her I have loved. This book was no easy story to read though, and I love that Carian Cole isn't afraid to push her readers as well as her characters. There are a lot of rough topics here that she handled really well and I honestly cannot wait for more from her. 

Blue and Piper met while he was homeless and despite all the reasons they shouldn't work, they did. But several years later, they are no longer together though neither one can get the other off their mind. Now he is a star, loved by the world for his talent, but Piper has always just loved him for being Blue. Blue has never been stable though, and with a wake of destruction left behind everywhere he goes, Piper hopes that maybe this time things will be different for their future. 

I loved both Piper and Blue. I will say there were times I was frustrated with each, but honestly I couldn't get enough of them. Their love and chemistry was clear right from the start. Their circumstances and obstacles were what kept them from having an easy road, but their feelings were never something I questioned. Blue was a beautiful soul, but he had so much going on with him and my heart broke for him. I just wanted him to get sorted out so that things would be better for everyone, including him. Piper was great. Loving and supportive, she was great with Blue. My heart broke for her as well with everything she went through. I cannot even imagine the strength it took to go through what she did and to never give up. These two were everything, and it was always clear that they were made for one another. 

This book wasn't an easy story to read, it was emotional and heartbreaking. But it was also beautiful and totally worth it in the end. I loved it as I've loved everything I've read from Carian Cole and I honestly can't wait for more from her. This one was one of the best books I've read all year long and it really changed the way I look at things. 

 **ARC Provided by L. Woods PR**

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