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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Review: Elizabeth Vaughan

Warprize is the first in Elizabeth Vaughan's Chronicles of the Warlands series. It is also a debut book for me of hers. The book has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read honestly for years. Having finally picked it up, and devouring every page, all I can do is ask myself why I waiting so long to read this book!

Xylara "Lara" is a princess of Xyland. Her older half brother is the current ruler and he is in the middle of a war with the "firelanders" as the Xylander's call them. Lara has defied custom and convention by becoming a healer for her people. This is something uncalled for because of her royal heritage. However, her father allowed it when he was alive, and though her brother doesn't like it, he allows her to continue her work. During the war she is helping with the wounded Xylander warriors, but she is also caring for the prisoners of war. She is the only person with the guts to help them against the King's wishes, but she feels the duty to help all in need because of the oaths she took.

While helping the foreign warriors, she initially begins learning their language to help treat them better. Lara is one of only a few who can communicate with them. Then she discovers that one of her patients is of the higher ranks. She worries that his position will cause her brother to execute him, so she keeps his secret while healing him. After this, she is confronted in the market by a man named Keir who demands to know of her patient's condition and to pass along a message to him. She refuses to pass any information, but does update him on the patient's condition. But by telling the POWs about her conversation with Keir, it seems they've gotten the message regardless.

Very soon after, Lara is happy to hear that peace negotiations are taking place. Until she discovers that she is to be sacrificed to their King as a slave as a part of the agreement. She agrees to the condition (though her brother never even truly asked her) to save her people. Lara is surprised to discover Keir is the king. So he takes her back to his camp. And thus begins a relationship between two people of different cultures that don't completely understand each other. It is also starting with lies. Lara struggles to learn her place, and she is terribly confused.

This is a book written in the first narrative, which is something I typically don't enjoy. However, this story line was best suited with that narrative since the reader is trying to understand this unique culture with her, and it didn't bother me in the slightest. While I loved the supporting cast the most, Keir did end up growing on me. Lara was strong and brave but also naive and too cautious to ask questions. For the most part, I liked her though. The story is full of unknowns that pull the reader in because they want to understand. 

I am excited to have finally read this romantic fantasy, and I cannot wait to continue the series. I only wished I had picked it up sooner!

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  1. This sounds like something I'd enjoy. Thank you for the review. ^_^