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Monday, February 4, 2019

Sealed With a Kiss Event with Bronwen Evans

USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans grew up loving books. She writes both historical and contemporary sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes. Evans is a three-time winner of the RomCon Readers’ Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with her dogs Brandy and Duke.

Guy Neville, the second son of the Earl of Argyle is shattered when he learns of his elder brother’s death. Suddenly the idiot, imbecile son is the new earl. How is he to run an estate, or sit in the House of Lords, when he’s unable to read or write? Guy has lived in the shadows his whole life, beaten and abused by his late father, threatened with an asylum... His one vow is to ensure no one learns of his disability.

Abigail Pinehurst has risen from the gutter. Well educated she works hard because she is never going back to poverty. Her life is running smoothly until Patrick Neville threatens her with the truth of her ugly past. She’s to go to the Argyle Estate under the guise of drawing the rare Ghost Orchid. But in reality it’s to spy on the Earl of Argyle, Guy Neville. He has a secret, and Patrick needs to know what it is if he is to make a case to be made Trustee of the estate.

Check out Guy and Abigail's love story in Attracted to the Earl.

Unable to read or write, an earl discovers love in the last place he expects to find it—within the embrace of a brilliant woman—in this sexy, irresistible novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans.

What’s an earl to do?

The Earl of Argyle has died suddenly, leaving his brother Guy Neville at a complete loss. The dull-witted second son, as his father used to call him, Guy is now responsible for the estate and his brother’s seat in the House of Lords. Shamed by an inability to read or write, his distress is multiplied by the sudden appearance of Miss Abigail Pinehurst, a dyed-in-the-wool bluestocking. She wishes to use the Argyle library and to study a rare plant on the estate. Guy’s first instinct is to decline her request—until he catches a glimpse of her.

How’s a girl to behave?

Abigail cares for only one thing: plants. She is unconcerned about how she looks, what she wears, or the impression she makes on men. An orphan who turned to books for solace in a miserly, cruel institution, she now makes her living illustrating the greenery she adores. Lord Argyle, in fact, with his uncanny memory and chiseled features, is the first man to capture her attention—a ridiculous distraction since he is so far above her station. But her unreasonable heart has a mind of its own.

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Up For Grabs:
  • 1 eBook of copy of Drawn to the Marquess

To Enter:
  • Abigail couldn’t wait to find the Ghost Orchid. Leave a comment telling Bronwen what your favorite flower is and why?
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Good Luck! 

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  1. Roses are my favorite, they are beautiful and smell wonderful.

  2. I love carnations...they are inexpensive, smell great, and last way longer than roses.

  3. I love tulips, their shape and their color is beautiful!!

  4. I love all flowers for their scents & beauty. But one of my favorites are tulips. Their vibrant colors and the strength they seem to represent.
    Love the wonderful letters and love throughout.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  5. I like daffodils because it means spring is here.

  6. Roses. I love the way they smell. On special occasions, when I get them from my kids or hubby-I crush one in a book and save it. I keep them in a box that in my library. They are very special to me.

  7. Gardenias! Sweet and rich....

  8. Sunflowers because they are bold, bright and strong!

  9. Hi Bronwen, My favorite flower had always been a yellow rose, but when my daughter unexpectedly passed away I found a picture of her holding bouquet of sunflowers. Now every time I see sunflowers I think of Anna.

  10. Hi Bronwen:) My favourite flowers have always been Black Eyed Susans, I just adore their sunny faces!!

  11. Lillies! I just love the way they open up! But I don't get them very often because we have cats and for some reason they love to munch on them and then get sick everywhere (lillies are not good for pets 😬)

  12. Happy Friday Bronwyn! I love the letters above! I really love calla lillies and teacup roses!!!

  13. I love carnations. They're inexpensive, last long, and come in many beautiful colors.

  14. I love Rose's they're so beautiful.