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Friday, September 27, 2019

ARC Review: Park Avenue Player by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Park Avenue Player by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. These are two of my favorite authors on their own, but together they are magic! I have never been disappointed by them, and I would read absolutely anything they write. Park Avenue Player was everything! I couldn’t put it down, and I honestly can’t wait to read it again! 

I loved the way that the characters met here. This was such a fun read from the beginning, and although they didn’t get off to the best start, Hollis and Elodie’s chemistry was off the charts. They had everything going for them, and I especially loved Hailey, Hollis’s niece. She was great and really completed this story. Elodie and Hollis were real and genuine, and I felt everything that they were going through as if it was happening to me right along with them. My heart broke for them at times, but I couldn’t get enough. 

Overall, another fantastic read from these two! I absolutely love their books, and Park Avenue Player was no different. They were characters that I won’t forget any time soon, and I think readers will love them as much as I did. This story is a must read, especially for fans of Vi and Penelope’s books.

**ARC Provided by Authors**

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