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Friday, March 1, 2024

ARC Review: The Surrogate by Penelope Ward

I always hoped that Penelope Ward would give us Sig’s story after finishing The Aristocrat, so I was so excited when she announced The Surrogate! This book can easily be read as a standalone story, though you do meet Sig in The Aristocrat and Leo and Felicity’s story will be a bit spoiled if you don’t start there. I highly recommend reading The Aristocrat if you haven’t as it is one of my all-time favorites and I just loved it so much that I have read it multiple times now.

Sig’s story is an emotional one, and I was fully invested right from the start. I think even if readers are new to Sig, they will be just as drawn in as I was. Sig has been through a ton, and I felt so much for him. Abby was exactly what he needed and I instantly loved her. She has such a kind heart and was a heroine that you can’t help but fall for right along with the hero. While these two were ones that I felt like I could relate to, their journey is anything but easy. Their situation is unique and honestly unlike any i’ve previously read about. Things are a bit messy, but the ride was so worth it. These two are just such great characters that I never wanted their story to end. 

Penelope Ward never disappoints, but The Aristocrat and The Surrogate are some of my absolute favorites of hers. I just felt so connected and invested in all these characters and they are definitely ones I think of often. I know i’ll reread this one again, and I think that fans will love this book. It is emotional, heartfelt and while it wasn’t always smooth sailing, it was filled with hope and some really funny moments as well. Penelope is one of my all-time favorite authors and The Surrogate is a must read!

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