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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Post with Author Lacey Wolfe

Today I would love to welcome Debut author Lacey Wolfe. Lacey is currently on tour promoting the release of her novella Amber's Muse. I've read it and it's awesome, you can see my review for it here. So please give a warm welcome to Lacey everyone.

Thank you for having me today. I am very excited to be a guest on your blog.

Amber’s Muse is my debut novella. When the idea came to me, I knew I didn’t want to try to write a full length novel. I’ve done that, and currently 300 pages are sitting in the corner waiting on me to edit them. When I see that pile, I get overwhelmed. So, I decided to try and kick off my writing career and I was going to attempt a novella.

Honestly, I love sitting down reading novellas. It’s like getting a full length book in half the time. You can usually read it in an afternoon sit down and feel accomplished. You read a whole book in one day! That always makes me feel good. I like that in a novella you don’t have those filler pages. It’s to the point. Boy meets girl. They like one another. They do the dance around one another. Bam, they are together. Conflict happens. Then, finally the happily ever after. You close down the e-reader and can go about your business.

As a reader and a writer, I am so glad that novella’s are popular right now. With the rush of life, we can still sneak in our guilty little pressures.

I would love to hear from you, do you prefer a novel or novella?

Once again to my host, thank you for having me today.

To learn a little more about me, head over to my website where you can see what I am up to and also find links to my twitter and facebook. I warn you though, I love to tweet!

Sometimes it’s the person you least expect who can satisfy all your desires
By day Amber’s a librarian, and by night she hides away writing erotic romance novels. She has just one problem—not enough sexual experience to pull from. A recent steamy dream leaves Amber wondering if her neighborJax might be just the guy who can help her. He seems almost perfect to use as a sexual guinea pig, especially since she doesn’t have to worry about falling in love with him.
Jax has lived next door to Amber for a year and has tried everything he can think of to get her to notice him, but it hasn’t worked. Until recently. When Amber approaches him asking for his help, he’s ready to jump on board. When he learns exactly what kind of help she needs, he’s definitely willing.
Becoming involved with someone like Jax simply isn’t an option for Amber. He barely works, can’t manage his money, and has no ambition in life. So why does he suddenly seem so right for her?

Places to purchase:

**Author Info**

It's always been my dream to be a writer. Ever sense I was a child, creating stories has been a passion of mine. I have always said that one day I would be an author. Finally, I am working on this dream of mine. I have two children who have been keeping me busy for the past 7 years. My youngest is starting pre-k this year and I have more time for me and to concentrate on what I want out of this life. So I am picking up pen and paper...well I guess keyboard and screen, and working on this dream. It isn't going to be easy. There will be many ups and downs, but I am ready. I know this dream will come true, my mom told me so, "You can be anything you want to be when you grow up." Thanks mom, here goes nothing!

Places to find Lacey:
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  1. To answer your question, I prefer full length novels. I read fast and a lot so a novella tends to get me mad since I finish it so fast and am usually left wanting more. I like to get involved in the story and a full length novel gives me time to do that.

  2. I actually shoul invest in more novellas I think because I'm a slow reader and there just isn't enough time as you say. Your book sounds awesome. I'm keeping an eye out.

  3. I'm with your Wendy, days seem to fly by and that's another reason why I love novella's.

  4. loves to dive: If I'm reading a mystery, it has to be a novel. But I fully understand needed more from novellas. I have read several and when it ended I wanted to scream. I wanted more time with the characters. That's when I know the author is a winner and I will read anything by her.

  5. Thank you for hosting Lacey today.

    Great post. To answer your took me a long time to get into novellas. But now that I have I enjoy them. I am still a bigger fan of full lengths then novellas but that is because novellas fly by too quickly.

    There are times when I choose novellas over novels and vise-versa. But no matter the length if it sounds good or by an author I love I will take the time to read it.

  6. I love both (I'm easy to please :). Often which one I choose is based entirely on how much available time I have.