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Sunday, March 4, 2012

ARC Review: Tempted By Blood by Laurie London

I really enjoyed this book. Jackson was such a delightful surprise. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from him going into Tempted By Blood. In the previous books he was portrayed pretty much as a man-whore who didn't have seem to have a care in the world. That was definitely not the case. Yes he's charming, funny and a man-whore but it's all a front. Jackson believes he is reverting which is a big no no, especially if you are a guardian. So because of this he uses the persona he's created as a man-whore to cover up the fact that he's actually using these woman for their energy and blood. Despite the fact that Jackson is reverting, I still found him to be kind and considerate and very caring. He takes such good care of the ones he feel responsible for and yet he still houses tremendous guilt for things that happened in his past. There were a few times I just wanted to give a hug and let him know things were going to be alright.

I loved Arianna and I thought she was a perfect match for Jackson. She is open and honest. I love that she is also loyal and willing to do anything to take care of the ones she loves. Arianna has had a rough childhood. After watching her mom get taken away by "shadows" when she was just a kid an no one believing her, she has grown up trying to learn everything she can about the paranormal world. She now runs a blog called Paranormalish dedicated to all things that go bump in the night. When Arianna posts pictures on her blog of an attempted attack on her and her cousin she immediately draws the attention of Guardians and the Darkbloods. When Jackson is sent to erase Arianna's memory of the attack he ends up staying and getting to know her. He is definitely attracted to her and he finds she is easy to talk to.

I loved the relationship between Jackson and Arianna. They both were just so open and honest with each other and they didn't play games with one another and I loved that. I loved watching their relationship progress. Their connection was a slow build and I found that I enjoyed that. I liked watching them interact with one another while getting to know each other. But believe me, when these two did finally get hot and heavy my oh my was it hot! I had to put the book down quite a few times and fan my face after some of their encounters. Jackson sure is one sexy beast!

Like I said before, I really enjoyed this book. The overall storyline was just okay for me but I loved being able to catch up with past characters. I love the world Laurie London has created with her Sweetblood series and she just has a way with creating super sexy heroes. I can't wait to read her next book.

**ARC copy provided by NetGalley**


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