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Monday, March 19, 2012

Feature and Giveaway: One Night to Remember by Kristin Miller

Check out my review for One Night to Remember here.

First class clothing designer Elizabeth Scott isn’t all that she appears. She may be elegant and poised on the outside, dining with the richest on the ship, but she’s hiding a dark secret within.

Thieves boarded the Titanic, too…

Officer Thomas McGuire is as honest as they come. Working to make a decent living on the ship of dreams, he can’t believe his eyes when the most striking lady he’s ever seen steals from another first class passenger. As the night goes on, Thomas must decide whether he plans to arrest or seduce Elizabeth and she’s not making it easy on him—the heat sparking between them is unlike anything they’ve ever known.

Time is running out…

The Titanic is sinking fast. Elizabeth has finally met a true gentleman—one who gazes upon her with total adoration yet fulfills her deepest fantasies. But being a gentleman means more than playing the stuffy part. Thomas insists on helping other passengers until the very end, even if that means going down with the ship.

In the fight for their lives, they just might find a love worth dying for.

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Elizabeth didn’t know what to make of Thomas McGuire or the rumblings inside her when they touched.

Before boarding the Titanic, Elizabeth had lived her life as a bit of a daredevil, taking on adventures others thought too risky. She’d been searching for something worth fighting for. Something that would boil the blood in her veins and rile up her defenses. Since stepping foot on board, she’d stolen from a handful of first class passengers and thought not much of it.

Never—not once—had a single spark of exhilaration ever fired in her middle. Not like this.

From one smoldering touch, Thomas sent heat flashing to Elizabeth’s center and flurries of excitement to her core. When his lips pressed against hers, she felt…alive. More so than she ever had before.

“What now?” he asked, once he’d turned from the door. His face was pale, nearly matching the whiteness of his dress shirt. He looked anxious, but it suited him well. His square jaw was clenched, ticking by his temple. And his lips were pressed tight.

He was a challenge. A tightly wound ball of nerves that Elizabeth couldn’t wait to unravel.

“Now you kiss me,” she said, and held her breath.

He covered the length of the room quickly, his strong hands cupping her neck as he pulled her against him. She arched back, letting the pleasure of his kiss overtake her.

Beneath the prim and proper suit, hidden under layers of stifling responsibility, was a man that made Elizabeth’s heart beat fast. She could feel power surging beneath the surface of his rigid persona.

If only she could unleash it…

**Author Info**

Kristin Miller has had a passion for all things Titanic since 1988, a full decade before Jack and Rose came on scene. Although she owns more than fifty books written about the Titanic, a copied set of the ship’s blueprints, a piece of coal from its busted boilers, and a postcard sent from the ship mid-voyage, her collection of 1912 first edition Titanic books holds a special place in her heart.

She writes dark and gritty paranormal romance for HarperCollins (INTERVAMPTION, VAMPED UP, and VAMP APPEAL, August 2012), fantasy/paranormals for Harlequin (CLAIMED BY DESIRE, May 2012, and FORBIDDEN BY FATE, July 2012), and has dabbled in romantic suspense (DARK TIDE RISING).

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Kristin will be giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card to 1 randomly drawn commenter during her blog tourSo make sure to check out all of Kristin's stops to increase your chances of winning.

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  1. ONE NIGHT TO REMEMBER is a must read for me. The anniversary approaches & it does haunt.


  2. I just finished reading this. I enjoyed it and will look out for more of Kristin's books.

  3. i love titanic too =D

    so excited with this book ;)

  4. What a unique plot! It sounds really interesting.

    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  5. Marybelle, Eli, Krista--I hope you find the Titanic as fascinating as I do. I've studied it for over twenty years and couldn't wait to write a romance using what I'd learned. If you do pick it up (and I really hope you do!), I'd love to hear what you think!

    Beebs--Thank you so much! xo

  6. Thanks for the awesome excerpt. Thomas sounds yummy :P
    And I love anything Titanic since Titanic :)

    cayce006 at yahoo dot com

  7. Well, I know I posted a comment earlier but I don't see it now. Maybe the blog gremlins ate it up. I know I didn't include my email bad...didn't notice that requirement.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know Kristin and her work. This new book sounds like something I will really enjoy reading. I love historical romances, mainly 19th century, but I'm look into more and more early 20th century books now.

    ksreninnc at gmail dot com

  8. Great excerpt. The book looks great and would love to win and read. This is a new author for me and always looking for new books to check out. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Also a big fan of the Titantic story. So sad and lots of life lost. During a 3D version of the film now.

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by! Cayce--I love anything Titanic too. I've got more collectibles than I know what to do with. ;)

    Karen-Gotta love those blog gremlins! Don't let them get you down! Although I thought I was a straight paranormal romance and romantic suspense fan, I'm finding if I give new authors a shot in any genre, there's things about them I like. (I love McCarty's Highlanders--Alpha males in kilts!--and Kane's ghosts--urban fantasy mayhem! Love them all!) I hope you enjoy this one.

    Chris--Always great to "meet" another Titanic fan. :)

  10. I love anything to do with the Titanic, so I will be reading this book. Thanks for the giveaway!


  11. I loved Titanic. This sounds like a fantastic story. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the blog tour.


  12. This must be a perfect read for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy. Plus, Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition is here in San Diego and I have been planning to take a look.


  13. Great excerpt! The book sounds very interesting.


  14. Thanks for your interest Joanne, Sharon and bn! I couldn't think of a better time to write this book than with the 100 year anniversary of the sinking right around the corner.

    You *definitely* have to make a point to get to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. I've been to the one in Vegas twice and can't wait to go back. It's absolutely amazing.

  15. Terrific excerpt! :)

    Always love Titantic after watching the Leo and Kate movie. :)

  16. ^Appreciate your giveaway! Helps those like me on fixed income/SSI {perm/multi disabled: wheelchair/home-bound} who need & enjoy to read, attain books{etc} normally can't afford <3
    ^Haven't read your book yet, but excerpt peaked my interest! As a voracious reader with eclectic tastes, from early age: has always fascinated me, during those times, how could build such marvels & remember when Titanic was still 'lost' at sea!
    ^Looking forward to New Harlequin Paranormal Romance!
    ^Email: needz2dream (at) gmail (dot) com
    )0( Warmest Blessings )0(
    *Eclectic Person, with Wide & Varied Tastes*
    *Paranormal Romances are Magickal*
    *Proud Paranormal Romance Addict*

  17. Thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway! ghtough(at)gmail(dot)com