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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feature and Giveaway: The Magician of Wall Street by Minta Hall

Oliver Pendragon's days as the Magician of Wall Street are legendary. When he finds a way to get everything he's ever wanted—including Abby Daltry—of course he can't refuse, even though there will be hell to pay if ever Abby found out. But when he discovers his old business partner is out for Abby's blood, Oliver will do anything to protect her…and win her heart.

New Age bookstore owner Abby is perfectly happy with her life the way it is—the independence, the quirky clientele, and even the occasional tarot card reading—are all part of the charm. But when the cards reveal Oliver is back and bringing danger along with him, she refuses to heed the warning for another chance with the only man she'd ever loved.

As shots fly, the Magician will have to perform his best trick ever if he hopes to keep Abby safe and by his side forever.

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Oliver Pendragon opened the door of the Tarot-A-While Bookstore and strode in with more assurance than he felt. Never show weakness. Never mind that the object of his quest could toss him out on his butt before he could say three words.

Never mind that if he failed, she’d be dead in a week.

He stood by the shop door, eclipsing the sun’s final evening glimmerings, but no one inside took the slightest notice of his entry. A small clutch of women huddled in the far corner. They sat on folding chairs and leaned forward, breathless as they focused on a woman sitting at a rickety card table.

The shop had the paradoxical charm of a little old lady in black motorcycle leather and spike-heeled boots.
Despite the store’s predilection for mind-boggling merchandise in confusing disarray, Oliver noticed a state-of-the-art point-of-sale terminal on the sales counter.

Yes, this store suited Abby.

Anticipation throbbed through him, but he suppressed it. He’d known for months that the day would come when he’d at last be free to claim Abigail Daltry again. But now that he was here at last, he wanted to savor each moment of this long-delayed reunion as much as he wanted to swoop in and whisk her back into his life.
Back into his arms.

Back into his bed.

Oliver stepped forward, still shadowed by the tall shelves, his curiosity piqued by the intensity of the group.

The woman at the table held a pack of battered, oversize cards and laid them out in a peculiar pattern on the table. For a moment, he thought she was playing solitaire, then realized the cards weren’t standard playing cards.

He took another step closer, then halted. There, seated in front of the woman with the cards, was Abby. He took a deep breath, fighting for control, and found himself listening with unexpected interest to the other woman’s explanation.

The reader spoke quickly. “...The ninth card reveals your hopes and fears.” A practiced flick of her fingers flipped the card face up. Her face drained of color.

Abby leaned forward just as he was about to move. “What’s wrong?”

The reader looked Abby straight in the eye and her voice took on an ominous note. “Your reading is filled with warnings of a deceiver, a man who is not who he claims, not who you think he is. Beware this man.”

With a sure movement but keeping her eyes on Abby, she tapped the last card. “This card shows the final outcome. It reveals the answer to the struggles you face.”

“Turn it over,” Abby said.

The reader hesitated for a moment, then turned up the card. “The Magician,” she whispered as she looked up, straight into Oliver’s eyes. “Beware the Magician,” she warned, while holding his gaze with a commanding glare.

Abby must have noticed the new focus of the reader’s attention because she turned and stared at him, too, causing the rest of the ladies to turn. He fell under the microscopic survey of a suddenly hostile audience.

Visibly gathering her composure, Abby stood and gestured toward him in a mock-courteous introduction.

“Welcome to the Tarot-A-While Bookstore, Oliver. Ladies, may I present Mr. Oliver Pendragon? You may have heard of him. He’s known as...” Abby faltered under his glare.

Oliver’s voice felt rusty and his words came out harsher than he intended. “Say it.”

Abby glanced again at the reader and at the cards that accused him from the card table. She reached down and lifted the final card in the layout, holding it out in sardonic offering. “The Magician. Oliver’s called the ‘Magician of Wall Street.’”

Writing romances which are sexy, a whole lot of fun, and have a psychic twist seems to be an addiction with me. Nearly everything I write is at least a little bit off the wall. And you can be sure that at some point, my sense of humor will make sure the hero (mostly) finds himself in Big Trouble!

Reading a wonderful love story should leave you feeling happy and reassured that all is right with someone's world--even if in your own the kids are fussing, the bills are overdue, and you have three times as many chores as you have time for! I want my writing to give you a story that entertains, and takes you away from your everyday world for just a short while. It's like a mini-vacation! If I can do that, I'm a very happy author!

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  1. Can Abby get passed what the Reader said about "Beware the magician?" Can Oliver change Abby's mind?
    Congrats on the book release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to get the answers to those questions and more.


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  3. Congrats on the book release. I didn't read the excerpt, but that's because I NEVER read excerpts--probably because I hate getting cut off just as it starts to get interesting, lol. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful excerpt! I have put this on my TBR List. It is refreshing to see in the author info area that you write for entertainment and to help the reader escape this reality for a time. Thank you for sharing! I know that is why I relax and escape for a bit of time.

  5. The cover is very interesting! That excerpt is the perfect teaser... CONGRATS on the release!!!

  6. I love the cover and thanks for the excerpt.

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  9. thx u for the giveaway...
    i do really want to know next to abby and oliver...
    i hope i win this book so i can read it :)