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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interview with Author Eve Langlais

Today I would like to welcome back to the blog author Eve Langlais. Eve is currently on tour promoting the release of her book A Demon and His Witch and has stopped by to answer a few questions. But before we do anything, lets get to know Eve.

I'm writing romance the way I like it--hot with a touch of paranormal fun. I enjoy reading and writing stories that push the envelope of what we consider normal, and I love to push boundaries--and in some cases totally smash them. I tend to have alot of sexual tension in my tales as I think all torrid love affairs start with a tingle in our tummies. My heroes are very male, you could even say border line chest thumping at times. So if you want a truly sensitive man, I am not for you. But that said, my men will do almost anything for the one they love. Even babysit.

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First off, can you tell us a bit about you?
Sadly, I am not super interesting unless the idea of a late thirties mom, who likes to hide in her office by day and read romance novels at night, excites you, lol. But I think my very timidity and boringness is what makes my imagination run so wild.

Did you always want to be a writer?
Yes and no. I wanted to be a writer growing up. In my teens, I constantly jotted down stories and ideas. Then the real world after school hit. I got a job, had to pay bills and then did the whole get married, have kids, housewife deal. It wasn’t until a few years ago, in my mid-thirties, that I read a book that made me so mad, that the urge to sit down and write consumed me – that and a dare from hubby to do better. Once I started, I rediscovered the joy of writing and haven’t stopped since.

What kind of writer are you? Panster or Plotter?
Totally a pantser, lol. I usually have a vague idea of how the story is going to develop, but my characters are always throwing monkey wrenches at me, taking the stories in wonderfully strange directions. I kind of enjoy that so I don’t fight the ideas or try to shape into a more cultured regime.

Where do your ideas come from?
The sick, dark depths of my mind, Muahahaha. Lol. That sounds funny, but it’s probably the most apt answer. The most innocuous things will set me off, like a snippet of a song. For example, Mr. Roboto, from the eighties, always makes me think of cyborgs. So, one day after hearing it on the radio, I just had to write a story with men who were half machine, lol.

A la Twitter style, can you describe your book (or series) in 140 characters or less.
Um, having never twittered, I’ll try. “Incorrigible demon meets a feisty witch and sparks fly. “

Out of any of your books, which one would you like to be a character in? And why?
I get this question a lot actually, but my answer never changes. I want to be Muriel, kick ass daughter of Lucifer who fears nothing, not even her dad.

What are some of your favorite kinds of stories to read?
I love just about anything with paranormal elements lol. I also like it to contain a romance theme. Vampires, wolves, demons, anything goes so long as it’s entertaining.

Do you have a favorite book and if so what is it? 
Yeah, that changes all the time. Probably the author I followed most religiously until about seven or eight years ago was Stephen King. I loved reading his stuff and have a shelf full of his books in hardcover. Funny choice, I know, considering what I write lol.

Have you ever fallen for another author's hero? If so, who and why?
Hmm. That’s a hard one because it changes every time I read a good book with an awesome alpha hero. If he’s big, brash, and yes even somewhat crude, then I’m in lust lol.

Describe the characteristics that make up your perfect hero.
See above lol. Seriously though, I like a bad boy. The more alpha, outspoken and unwilling to take crap he is, the more I find him drool worthy. I also like a hero with a strong possessive and jealous streak.

What are the scenes that are the hardest for you to write?
The emotional part where someone is on the verge of falling in love, but fights it because of something in their past. Getting into a character’s head and really understanding their motivation and feelings can be hard to convey. But I try!

If you could have dinner with any three book characters, who would you choose and why?
Lucifer, Muriel and Charon. Three of my favorite characters. I’m sure the conversation would be rife with innuendo, hilarity and just plain awesomeness.

If you could have dinner with any three authors, who would you choose and why?

What do you like to do in your free time?
Read. Play apps, of which Angry Birds is much too addictive and hang out with my family.

Favorite movie?
Star Wars

Favorite song?
Tainted Love

Favorite color?

Last question, are you working on anything right now?
I am doing edits on A Demon And His Psycho and working on the third Furry United Coalition book. I never stop!

I want to say thanks for having me. It’s been nice chatting, and to everyone who stops by, ‘Hello!’ =)

An incorrigible demon meets his match when Lucifer pairs him with a witch.

Remy’s not ready to settle down, not when the ladies love him so much. A giving demon, why would he deny them the pleasure of his excellent technique? But his views on monogamy change when he meets a saucy witch with a firm grasp of the word ‘No!’ Who could resist the challenge? However, before he can put his demonizing days behind him, he needs to catch the bad guys, save the witch, and find a way to convince her to love him, not kill him.

Warning: This story contains a sexy demon with corny pickup lines and a sassy witch who works for Satan. There is coarse language, hot scenes, a twisted version of Hell and a whole lot of giggles. If you possess an open mind, a good sense of humor and a tainted soul, then read at your own peril.

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  2. sounds like another good one :) do like those FUC books so glad more's coming

  3. I love Eve's books! They are always fun and sexy, and I am so glad that she is taking us back to Hell, lol.