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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ARC Review: A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis by Jillian Stone

When I first saw the cover of this book I just new I had to read it. It's breathtaking and once I saw that it was a second chance at love story I was hooked. I devoured this book and enjoyed every moment of it from beginning to end. Miz Stone captured my attention from the first page and had me itching for more until I reached the end. I was captivated by the sparks and tension between Rafe and Fanny as well as aching for them to finally get their long awaited HEA.

Rafe hasn't seen Fanny since the night of their engagement ball five years ago, though she is never far from his thoughts. He never expected to see her again let alone be the one tasked with guarding her life. After walking away from Fanny, Rafe began working as Special Inspector with the Scotland Yard. When news of the death of Fanny's father reaches Rafe, he believes that it was just an accident. But when other inventors start to turn up dead in what appears to be accidents they begin to believe that it was no accident that killed Fanny's father. He along with the other detectives at Scotland Yard believe it to be the work of foul play. Now Rafe has been tasked with the mission to return to Edinburgh and watch over Fanny and seek out any answers he may be able to find to support their theory.

It's been five long years since Fanny has laid eyes on Rafe. He left the night of their engagement ball without so much of a word or backwards glance and Fanny just wants to know why. Why did he leave without saying anything? Why is he here now? Why did he have to break her heart? She just wants answers. When Rafe begins to share the suspicions of her father's death and the fact that she could possibly be in danger she balks at the idea. She along with everyone else, believed his death to be an accident. Who or why would someone want to her her or her father?

Together, Fanny and Rafe work on trying to bring down the men that are responsible for Fanny's father's death while also trying to work on mending their past. Rafe is determined to do everything in his power to keep the woman he's always loved safe and out of harms way.

I loved the relationship between Rafe and Fanny. There is just so much raw tension and chemistry between the two and at times very tender moments. Here we see two people that have always loved each other trying to find a way to mend and forget the past. I found that their HEA was much deserved and completely worth the wait. I loved that neither sugar coat things with the other and they are brutal with their honesty. There is just so much history between them that it just breaks your heart that they spent the last five years apart. I was rooting for these two from the beginning and I loved how things evolved.

This was a great book from Miz Stone and I am greatly anticipating the next book in her Gentleman of Scotland Yard series. If they are half as good as this one was, I know I'll be in for a great read.

**ARC copy provided by Pocket Books**

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