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Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Perfect For You by Kate Perry

I really liked this book. Yes it's a little clich├ęd and predictable, but I loved it anyways. I love Miz Perry's voice and the stories she creates. She is able to get me so wrapped up and invested with what's happening that I don't ever want to put the book down until I've finished.

I loved both Greg and Freya. They had such great chemistry and were hot together. They both have such strong feelings for one another and it was just so refreshing to see a hero that knows what he wants. Greg is so fully aware of his feelings for Freya. He knows that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her, he just has to convince her that they are meant to be.

Freya knows that her and Greg have great chemistry and Greg is definitely sexy, but he's a lawyer and Freya despises lawyers and no amount of prodding by her sister or Greg will change her mind. Also, Freya is convinced Greg is a playboy and she has no desire to be another notch on his bedpost, no matter how sexy he is.

I really enjoyed this book and I loved getting to know these characters. Yes, I do wish it was a tad bit longer and I thought that the ending seemed a little bit too predictable and on the sappy side but I loved it all the same. I'm really looking forward to picking up the other books in Miz Perry's Laurel Heights series.

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