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Sunday, September 23, 2012

ARC Review: Secrets of a Wedding Night by Valerie Bowman

This book was an utter delight. From the first page to the last, Miz Bowman caught my attention and I just could not stop reading. I loved her voice and the way she developed her characters. I loved the way Lily and Devon interacted with one another. There was just so much sparks and passion brewing between them, and when they finally came together it was explosive and I loved ever moment of it.

Five years ago both Lily and Devon were in love and had planned to marry, but as with most romance novels a wrench was thrown into their plans and they never made it down the aisle. Each is under the impression the other stood them up for various reasons. Devon believes Lily didn't love him and was only concerned with gaining a title and a fortune. While Lily was sent a letter saying that Devon was crying off. Neither has spoken to one another in the five years that have passed and they both have tried their hardest to ignore the other.

Five long years have passed and Lily is now a widow. Left penniless by her late husband she has very strong views on marriage. When she comes across the engagement announcement of her former love Devon Morgan, Marquis of Colton she knows she must take action. She decides to anonymously write and distribute a pamphlet to warn of young ladies about the Secrets of a Wedding Night.

When Devon's fiancee' calls off their engagement after reading the pamphlet he is enraged. He immediately sets off to find the author of the pamphlet to make them write a retraction. Imagine his surprise when he when finds out that the author is none other than the woman who jilted him five years earlier, Lily. Devon is enraged and when Lily scoffs at the idea of writing a retraction Devon issues a challenge, either write a retraction or be prepared to be seduced.

I loved watching these two together. From the first moment they are on the page together you get a real sense of their emotions for one another. Yes they are both hurt, but both still feel so strongly for one another. I loved seeing them both interact together and I kept turning the pages so enraptured with what was going on. Both characters have a lot of baggage and past issues that they had to work through in order to finally be together and I found that when they finally do achieve their HEA it was well worth the wait.

Secrets of a Wedding Night is very good and I definitely can't wait to read more from Miz Bowman.

**ARC copy provided by NetGalley**

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  1. I read so many wonderful things about this novel and am very intrigued by it! Sooo looking forward to reading it. Thanks so much for sharing the great review.

  2. Thanks for the review. I just received a copy of it and I'm looking forward to reading it.