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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest Post with Author Chris Lange and Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome to RFTC author Chris Lange. Chris is hear today to talk about her book Blind to Men so please give Chris a warm welcome.

Chris Lange is a dreamer and a storyteller. She writes about love, love, love and sometimes she leaves her characters' bedroom door open.

Places to find Chris:

My name is Chris Lange and I love romance. I've been asked recently if I believed myself a heroine like the characters in my books. I'll simply answer NO. I do shape my heroines the way I like, but as much as it pains me to admit it I'm not one of them.

I'd love to tell you that I enjoy bungee-jumping from the Empire State Building or surfing killer waves on the Australian Gold Coast but unfortunately, I don't. After a hard day's work, I get my kicks from slumping on my couch and watching shows. I guess you could call me a TV addict. Right now I'm dying to write a list of my favorite shows… No, I'm here to talk about my story =)

BLIND TO MEN is about a young farm girl who has been cursed at birth. She can't see men, and they can't see her. Except one. Protected and guided by the weirdest Amazon, she must leave her home to go to the mythical city of Palance.

I do hope you'll enjoy Anya's adventures, and thank you Danielle for hosting me today.

Chris Lange

The day has come for Anya to reclaim her life. Protected by an Amazon, she must go to legendary Palance, the city of her dreams. She has to leave her home without even knowing she was cursed at birth.

She is blind to men. She can’t see them, and they can’t see her. Except one.

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Good Luck =)
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  1. i really like the looks of the book. its right up my alley

  2. This is an interesting premise for a book, is it based on a fairy tale? Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  3. Your cover is gorgeous and I love the sound of this book.

  4. Hmm, I've always felt as though I am invisible to men, I hope this has a happy ending! It sounds great, the concept is really interesting.

  5. A neat idea for a book. I'd love to read it and see how the author works around the challenges of a character in that situation.

  6. What a unique idea for a story. I'm going to love this.

  7. Not entering the contest...Just wanted to show some blog love! I have this book and I really Enjoyed it! It is a fun, hot, sexy story!

  8. The premise is intriguing.